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Adventure Combi Van

4 seats 4 sleeps Automatic 4.99m x 2.1m x 2m

A 4-passenger combi van with pop-up roof is a versatile vehicle that combines the benefits of a van and an everyday vehicle, with the ability to pop the roof up to stand, enjoy the view and natural light. It's an ideal vehicle for travelers looking to go on an adventure while still having enough space to sleep and store their belongings.

The 4-passenger adventure combi van's pop-up roof can be opened to enjoy the view and natural light, making it an ideal vehicle for camping trips and outdoor adventures. It is equipped with pull-out beds and convenient storage for travel gear, as well as a kitchenette and refrigerator.

In short, the 4-passenger adventure combi van with pop-up roof is a sturdy and versatile vehicle that offers the perfect combination of comfort and adventure for travelers looking for a compact vehicle while still having enough space to sleep and store their belongings, with the ability to enjoy the view and natural light thanks to the pop-up roof.

Included Equipment

Level ups

Electricity plugs / adaptors


User guide

Dishes & Cutlery

Propane bottle

Welcome kit

Optional equipment

Bike carrier

Outdoor table and chairs

Comfort kit (linens & towels)

Snow equipment

Wi-Fi Box


Premium RV GPS

Baby / booster seat

Michelin Guide

12V Espresso machine

Complimentary services

Optional Services

Free Mileage

Cancellation plan

Coverage Damage Waiver

24/7 Assistance

Windscreen Damage Waiver

Additional driver

Home Camper Box

Personalized travel guide

Airport tranfers

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Converted combi-van Aventure automatic transmission rental

Looking for an adventure for four in a converted van to feel free and closer to nature? With AVIS explore, imagine yourself behind the wheel of your rolling home, combining exploration with comfort. You can roam mountain roads or relax by a lake. The converted van is compact and ingeniously designed to make every trip a unique experience. In this article, you will learn all about renting our Combi-Van Aventure!

Main features of the converted combi-van Aventure

Discover our 4-seater adventure van, perfectly suited for all your nature getaway desires.

Indeed, renting this combi-van offers ample space for 4 people, with practical dimensions: 4.99 m x 2.1 m x 2 m. Additionally, this vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, allowing for smoother and more enjoyable driving during your trip.

This van with a pop-up roof lets you stand inside while enjoying the surrounding view and natural light. Thus, our adventure combi-van combines the practicality of an everyday vehicle with the freedom of a rolling home.

So, whether you are seeking new horizons with friends or family or looking to escape for a weekend, our adventure van will be your ideal road companion! With enough space to sleep up to 4 people and store your belongings, set off exploring with peace of mind.

Enjoy comfort and freedom

Our adventure-equipped combi-van is cleverly designed. It combines exploration and comfort!

On board, you will find comfortable foldable beds for a peaceful night's sleep after a busy day exploring the natural wonders around. Additionally, thanks to our practical storage solutions, you can easily store all your travel belongings, allowing you to keep a tidy and welcoming living space.

This versatile travel van includes a fully equipped kitchenette. You can prepare many dishes, even in the heart of nature. There is also a refrigerator to keep your provisions fresh, allowing you to extend your adventure without worrying about delicate foods.

Thus, every aspect of your campervan journey is designed to be convenient and comfortable: the well-organized space offers freedom of movement, even for 4 people.

Experience unforgettable outdoor adventures with your converted van

Explore new horizons with our converted van at AVIS explore, your future road companion for unforgettable outdoor adventures.

Whether you dream of wild camping with a van, hiking amidst breathtaking landscapes, or indulging in culture, this versatile vehicle is the perfect ally.

Set up camp in the heart of a dense forest or by an isolated lake and enjoy the freedom of wild camping with our adventure combi-van.

Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking for new challenges or a nature lover wishing to share your passion with your family, our converted van offers numerous possibilities for unique experiences.

All that's left is to embark now for a nature exploration with our combi-van and immerse yourself in the beauty of the world around you!

Why choose the combi-van Aventure from AVIS explore?

At AVIS explore, we are not just an adventure van rental service; we are here to offer you a unique journey in our vehicles.

For beginners, we share tips and van life advice to help you make the most of each experience behind the wheel of your rolling home. You will know how to properly prepare your trip, optimally organize your space, or find the best wild camping spots.

And because planning a beautiful itinerary can be intimidating, we offer:

  • Support like Michelin guides;
  • Creating your ideal trip with our custom travel journal.

Finally, our AVIS explore customer support team is available to answer all your questions and provide the assistance you need, whether before, during, or after renting our adventure combi-van.


1. What is the storage capacity of the combi-van?

Thanks to its clever dimensions (4.99 m x 2.1 m x 2 m) and ingenious layout, you enjoy a spacious living area and comfortable sleeping arrangements for 4 people.

2. Is the combi-van easy to drive for a beginner?

This converted van, being compact and less imposing than a motorhome, is easier to drive. Additionally, with its automatic transmission, it offers a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.

3. Can you cook inside the van?

Our AVIS explore adventure Combi-Van features a fully equipped kitchenette with a refrigerator. You can cook whatever you like, even in the heart of nature, and keep all your food fresh during your trip!

4. What are the recommendations for wild camping spots?

Wild camping must follow certain rules. Note that you cannot park overnight just anywhere. To find all the wild camping spots, we invite you to click on this link.

5. What insurance is included in the rental?

All our vehicles are covered by insurance. This includes road liability (damage to other vehicles) and coverage for damage to the vehicle with a deductible of €2,400. In case of damage, you are responsible for repair costs up to €2,400 unless you are not at fault. Please read the general conditions carefully to understand the exclusions.

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