Why rent a motorhome for 2 weeks?

To really enjoy your holidays and break away from everyday life, it is important to leave long enough. Nothing like a 2-week motorhome getaway to get back in top shape. At Avis explore, you will have the choice between many vehicles according to your needs and your budget.

Renting a motorhome for 2 weeks: a good duration?

Traveling by motorhome takes longer than if you were traveling by train, plane, or even by car. It is therefore wise to choose a motorhome rental for 2 weeks, in order to have time to do everything you want. You will be able to easily achieve the objectives set and discover the destinations that make you want. The good news is that in 2 weeks, you can go to various places, both in France and abroad.

For example, if you leave from Bordeaux, a city where we have an Avis explore agency, you can easily go to Portugal to visit Porto, Lisbon or the Algarve in 2 weeks. If you leave Paris, you can take a short tour of France and visit Alsace, Lorraine, Switzerland, then Provence while taking the time to enjoy it.

What budget should I plan for my motorhome rental for 2 weeks?

On average, for a week in a fitted motorhome, it takes between 700 and 1000 euros. Of course, the price varies according to the size of the vehicle, as well as the various options chosen when booking. The larger and more well-equipped the motorhome, the higher the price will be. It offers great freedom since you can go wherever you want and have everything at your fingertips.

What to think about for a 2-week motorhome roadtrip?

Besides renting your vehicle from Avis explore, there are other expenses to consider when renting your motorhome for 2 weeks. Whether you choose to eat outside or in the motorhome, you will have to budget for the cost of food, which can be more or less substantial depending on the destination. Fuel is also a major essential expenditure focus. Remember to check where the service stations are to avoid unpleasant surprises.

You will not be in your rental vehicle all day, you must plan the cost of parking and know where it is authorized to park a motorhome. Ditto for overnight stays, you can't sleep anywhere, do not hesitate to consult the Park4Night or CaraMaps applications to facilitate your research. Finally, when we go on vacation, it is because we want to make discoveries and activities. These outings will therefore generally have a cost.

Enjoy your motorhome trip as it should be by leaving for 2 weeks. You can take your time and enjoy it. And if you are short of ideas or simply want a turnkey service, use our 2-week Travel Diary option: we will offer you tailor-made stopovers adapted to your expectations.