Travelling by motorhome : 5 months in a Pilote G 740 motorhome

Do you dream of traveling by motorhome? Discover the testimony of Camille and Illiès, two nomads who travelled through France for 5 months. During the lockdown, they went to meet the "craftsmen of tomorrow" in a motorhome lent by AVIS explore. Visit today their former little cocoon, the G740 Pilot motorhome. Climb in, let's go for the adventure!

The living room, a generous space to travel in a motorhome 

The living room remains a premium place in the cabin when you go on a road trip in a vehicle on wheels. In the Pilote G740 motorhome, an integral motorhome, the living area is relatively large. It is ingeniously designed!

A spacious living area

In addition to the two swivel seats in the cockpit, it offers 3 bench seats: ideal for reading, working or eating together. Just push the table to put it in the center.

When it comes to storage, you won't be short of it! As on all Pilote motorhomes, the cabin has multiple closets that are very convenient for traveling. You can store your books and all the accessories you need for your vanlife.

An optional well-hidden sleeping area 

Do you need 4 beds to travel with your family? Fold down the driver and passenger seats. In no time, you have a double bed. Your children will love its cabin spirit. 

The functional kitchen of the G740 Pilot motorhome

At the back of the living room, this motorhome from Pilote has a functional and delimited space reserved for the kitchen. 

Cooking in the motorhome

You can travel in a motorhome and prepare delicious meals! This vehicle is equipped with: 

  • 3 gas fires ; 
  • A sink ;
  • A refrigerator ;
  • A freezer.

Functional storage

Cherry on the cake, the kitchen benefits from large self-closing storage units. They easily accommodate:

  • The dishes ;
  • Your utensils ;
  • Your food.

The little tip to avoid odors:

In front of your cooking plates, you have a window. Open it when you are cooking, it will serve as a hood. This way, you can ventilate the cabin and travel in your motorhome without unpleasant odors. 

A practical and intimate bathroom

The bathroom of the G740 Pilot motorhome offers you the most practical and intimate configuration!

It is located between the kitchen and the bedroom. To delimit the sanitary space, you just have to: 

  • Close the bathroom swing door on the kitchen side ;
  • Push the sliding door on the bedroom side.

You will then find yourself in an enclosed sanitary space, equipped with: 

  • A large shower ;
  • A chemical toilet;
  • A sink; 
  • A multitude of functional storage units.

Rest assured, the bathroom of this vehicle is bright. It is equipped with a skylight guaranteeing you quality natural lighting!

The pleasure of a good hot shower:

This Pilot motorhome is equipped with a booster to heat up the water in no time. After a good day of hiking in the open air, you'll enjoy a nice hot shower without waiting.

The bedroom of the Pilote motorhome: a sleeping space like at home

Step into the bedroom and lie down on the bed. You'll feel like you're in a soft, reassuring cocoon. Isn't it the ideal place to spend a good and restful night? You'll forget you're traveling in a motor home

This bedroom has a vast arrangement of closets and wardrobes. Need more storage space? Lift up the mattress: it hides an extra storage space! In this Pilote G740 motorhome, you can store all your stuff, whether your road journey lasts a week or several months. 

Tip to avoid mosquitoes!

Pull down the mosquito nets on all the openings of the Pilote motorhome. You will enjoy the coolness of the summer nights without being bitten by insects.

The exterior of the Pilote G740 motorhome

On the outside of the Pilote motorhome, you have a large cargo hold and a second trunk.

The hold of the Pilote G740

Inside, you can place: 

  • Your bikes (depending on their size);
  • Your water jerry cans ;
  • Gas bottles ;
  • Your camping table and chairs; ;
  • levels;
  • Etc.

This cargo hold allows you to travel in your motorhome with all the equipment you need!

Where to put your gas bottle?
Below the cockpit, you will find an additional compartment. It is dedicated to the location of the gas bottle. 

A second trunk

The G740 Pilot motorhome has another trunk equipped with: 

  • A water tank ;
  • An external electric plug;
  • A battery cell. 

An automatic locking system:
You don't need a key to lock your exterior trunks. For added security, all locks are equipped with an automatic locking system. You can engage them by simply pressing the driver's door handle. You unlock with the key.

A self-contained electrical system for a comfortable vacation

You want to visit the Loire castles or stay in a guest house? A Pilote motorhome, like the one of Camille and Illiès, has a sufficient electrical installation to travel off the beaten track. 

Whether it's the refrigerator, the lights or the dashboard, the cell battery is powerful enough to manage the interior electronic equipment for a day and a half, or even two.

In addition, your G740 Pilot motorhome has an interior control panel that allows you to:

  • To increase the temperature of the cabin ;
  • To heat the water ;
  • Monitor the status of your batteries.

The visit of the motorhome Pilote G740 is over! Has this discovery made you want to travel by motorhome? Have a road trip as sensational as the one of Camille and Illiès! Take advantage of our Avis Car Away rental offers and allow yourself a few days of vacation without compromising on comfort!

You want to see more? Watch the whole trip on YouTube. An inspiring experience to share without moderation! 
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