Travel Diary: Normandy in a motorhome

3 days in Normandy in a motorhome: areas and itineraries

Do you dream of the sea spray on your face and the vertiginous landscape of the sublime Black Cow cliffs? Explore Normandy in a motorhome or van rented from AVIS explore for a short stay! We give you our tips to thrill on the Normandy road from Honfleur to Ouistreham and enjoy the landscapes on atypical motorhome areas. Here is an unforgettable motorhome tour in Normandy: sea, history, beaches, heritage and gastronomy are on your itinerary!

1. Normandy in a motorhome: from Honfleur to Deauville, Day 1

The adventure begins with renting a motorhome with AVIS explore, if you don't have one. Let's go ! Your journey as a motorhome adventurer begins in Honfleur, on the Channel coast. This small Norman port in the heart of Calvados is just a must-see. To park your motorhome, 240 places are available at the Honfleur motorhome area.Then, walk along the Côte Fleurie via Pennedepie, Cricqueboeuf, Villerville and the magnificent beach of Trouville. Meet at the free Deauville motorhome area, avenue du Port. You can spend a dream evening in one of the most famous seaside resorts in France.

Our advices :

  • the vehicle must not exceed 6 m in length;
  • one-way street;
  • far from homes, quiet;
  • close to the center and the beach on foot;
  • ideal for our friends the dogs.


2. From Deauville to Cabourg: Day 2

Take the road again towards Cabourg. If you are in a hurry, take the D27. Otherwise, savor the scenery along the coast by Bionville-sur-Mer, Villers-sur-Mer, Auberville and Houlgate, whose Belle Époque mansions, atypical chalets and very chic hotels line a huge beach.

Our tip: Homestay camping in Houlgate with Homecamper

This superb bucolic stroll ends in Cabourg, whose charm of the bay is well established. To take advantage of these Norman charms, park your motorhome at Avenue d'Ornano:

  • Plan to arrive before dark to identify the locations, but also for safety.
  • Possibility of emptying and refilling with water.
  • The location is free and limited to 48 hours.

You can also choose one of the HomeCamper campsites to appreciate the warm welcome of a family in Normandy.


3. From Cabourg to Ouistreham: Day 3

From the Belle Époque beaches to that of Riva Bella, enjoy the coast as far as Ouistreham, via the D 514. A motorhome area awaits you in Ouistreham, on the maritime boulevard, on the seafront.

Our tip for recharging your batteries: Recharge your batteries in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, in Moyaux, at the magnificent Huttopia campsite classified 4 Feuilles for its unique natural environment.

7 days in Normandy:

Do you have some time ahead of you? So, take the opportunity to go for a whole week in Normandy. The region is not lacking in places to discover, there is plenty to do to organize one of the most successful road trips in a rental motorhome in Normandy.

Day 1: Giverny the Impressionists

Once you have picked up your motorhome rental from AVIS explore, head to Vexin Normand, then stop off in the very famous town of Giverny. It is known to house the house and gardens of the Impressionist painter Claude Monet. As you walk there, you can admire the famous water lilies immortalized in many of his paintings. The city is very pleasant to visit with its small streets, its shops and its mill.

Day 2: Fécamp & Étretat

Then take the road back to the seaside and discover Fécamp and Étretat. In the first town, go to the Palais Bénédicte. This impressive building was designed in the purest Gothic style. It houses the distillery of the Bénédictine liqueur, a specialty of the region. In Étretat, go for a walk on the pebble beach and climb the unmissable cliffs to admire the view.

Day 3: Honfleur & Deauville

In just under an hour from Étretat, you can reach Honfleur. Take the opportunity to stroll through the Vieux-Bassin, the center of the historic heart of the city, then visit the Saint Catherine Church. Several museums, such as that of the Navy or the Eugène Boudin museum, showcasing impressionist painting, are to be discovered. Continue your journey to Deauville then take a walk on its beach with colorful umbrellas. Take the time to see the cabins and boards with the names of many Hollywood celebrities. In the evening, go gamble at the casino.

Day 4: The landing beaches

For your 4th day of travel, take an interest in one of the most important pages of history by going to the landing beaches. There are 5 next to each other: Sword Beach, Juno Beach, Gold Beach, Omaha Beach and Utah Beach (from east to west). Between museums, memorials and commemorative monuments of this period, you will take a leap in time during a day.

Day 5: Granville

We continue west with, this time, a stop in Granville. Go for a walk around the ramparts then take a short stroll on Plat Gousset beach. If you are a fan of haute couture, the Christian Dior museum is a must see. The famous couturier grew up in Granville. To see rehabilitated bunkers, venture to Pointe du Roc, offering you, in addition, a panoramic view of the English Channel.

Day 6: Mont-Saint-Michel

We end with a must: Mont-Saint-Michel. It is open all year round, like its abbey, which is also a must-visit. You will have to leave your vehicle in the very well laid out and now compulsory car park. Then, there are several ways to access Mont Saint Michel according to your preferences: on foot, by bike or by shuttle. Remember to check the times of the tides, because when they are high, the Mount becomes an island again.

Day 7: The return

Now is the time to return your rental motorhome. Remember that with AVIS explore, you have the one-way option and do not have to return the vehicle to the same agency.

Normandy in a motorhome takes many routes, quickly discover all our journeys in the most beautiful regions of France, as well as all our tips for renting and traveling in a motorhome with AVIS explore!

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