Discovering Italy in a converted van

Why choose Italy for your campervan adventure?

Explore Italy's roads in a fitted van to discover all the wonders of the peninsula. Genoa, Rome, Milan, Florence—the most beautiful parts of the country are accessible to you. Starting from our many rental agencies in France, you enjoy freedom of movement and top comfort. Since 1979, AVIS explore has been the specialist in road trips in France and Europe.

Our selection of rental vans for Italy

Recent vans, top of the line in equipment, cleanliness, and safety! That's what awaits you at our rental agencies located throughout France. Depending on the models available during the dates of your road trip, AVIS explore offers you 4 models of vans. For a romantic road trip for two, you can choose between our 2-person Adventure Van or our Compact 2-person Adventure Van (both have sleeping accommodation for two people). For a road trip for four, we offer the Combi Adventure Van or the 4-person Adventure Van, both equipped with two double beds. And thanks to our various offers, it's always at the best price!

Recommended itineraries for your campervan road trip in Italy

Starting from our rental van agency located in Nice, set off on a journey to the heart of Italian culture and landscapes:

Day 1: after picking up the keys to your fitted van, head to the Italian border. Visit the famous market in Ventimiglia and the lush gardens of Sanremo overlooking the sea.

Day 2: after a night enjoying the comfort of your van's bedding, hit the road towards Genoa. Explore the old town with its narrow alleys and the San Lorenzo Cathedral.

Day 3: aboard your rental van, reach one of the gems of the Ligurian country, Portofino, a small port nestled between green hills. Do not miss the hike leading up to the town's lighthouse. The views are breathtaking.

Day 4: not far from the town of Portofino, continue your road trip towards the Cinque Terre. It is a cluster of five coastal villages perched on cliff sides.

Day 5: before returning to our van rental agency in Nice, we recommend a stop in Dolceacqua, a medieval town with a very romantic atmosphere, located slightly inland.


Di San Lorenzo

Escape on the picturesque roads of Italy

A campervan road trip in Italy ensures a unique experience. Thanks to the independence and freedom offered by this mode of travel, anything is possible for you and your passengers. Enjoy sunsets in the secluded coves of the Mediterranean or in front of the majestic Italian Alps. In short, it’s the best of both camping and this fabulous country offered by a rental with AVIS explore.

Experience the Dolce Vita: Your home on wheels in Italy

Italy is not just about landscapes, a coastline, and picturesque villages of enchanting beauty. It's also about a culture and a terroir that a road trip in a van invites you to discover. Parma ham, Milanese risotto, Turin gnocchi, etc. With the kitchen in your fitted van, cook all the delicious local products you find in Italy's markets.



What are the conditions for renting a van in Italy?

To rent a van in Italy, you must have held a B license for more than 3 years and be over 23 years old. The rules are the same for all our rental vehicles, such as motorhomes.

Can we cross borders with a rental van?

It is possible for you to visit foreign countries during your rental of a fitted van with AVIS explore. Please consult the full list of available countries in our terms and conditions.

What are the best spots for van camping in Italy?

To find the best places to park your rental vehicle for the night, we advise you to download the Park4night app. It indicates parking areas where camping is allowed.

How are the vans equipped for rental in Italy?

Our rental vans are equipped with cutlery and kitchen utensils, a gas bottle, leveling blocks, as well as an adapter and an extension cord. The ample storage in our rental vans also allows you to store all your luggage.