Integral motorhome: what is it?

An "integral" motorhome is a vehicle that borders on perfection. Compared to a streamlined model, you benefit from a gain in space and convenience. No need to give up your comfort during your getaway! The integral motorhome is proof that luxury and roaming are not incompatible.

To introduce you to the king of the road, we will give you an overview of the integral motorhome: what is it, what are its layout, its functions, etc.

The integral motorhome is… a taste for the great outdoors

If the integral motorhome is extremely welcoming as soon as you cross the threshold, it is because it has a taste for wide open spaces. The smallest surface on the floor (even on the ceiling, as you will discover with the drop-down bed) is valued in its entirety.

The integral motorhome owes its more compact, more "square" appearance to its secret weapon: the driver's cabin is integrated into the living space. You can take the wheel without leaving the warm atmosphere of this luxurious motorhome.

The integral motorhome is… the choice of comfort

You will then travel without taking your head? You will find everything you need on board your integral motorhome:

  • An equipped kitchen, to cook like at home;
  • Double beds or twin beds with comfortable dimensions, to convey your emotions;
  • 2 tanks of 110 to 130 liters (clear water) and 85 to 95 liters (waste water), to travel in complete peace of mind.

The integral motorhome is… a friendly space

On board, we refuse nothing. Do your friends or grandchildren want to join you unexpectedly? No problem: an extra bed is already waiting for them. In the evening, all you have to do is lower the drop-down bed located at the front of the cabin. During the day, you can easily fold it up to keep a clear living space.

The integral motorhome is… a sunny space

Thanks to its large bay windows, the slightest ray of sunshine illuminates the interior of the integral motorhome. Even on rainy days, this bright vehicle maintains a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

The integral motorhome is… a perfume of luxury

The integral motorhome offers a service of excellence. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to provide you with the most enjoyable experience. Optimal comfort and visual pleasure combine masterfully to give the vehicle a luxurious scent, particularly pleasant after a day of exploration of all kinds.

What are its disadvantages?

Of course, the integral motorhome is more imposing than its classic counterparts:

  • Between 2.3 and 2.5 meters wide;
  • Between 2.85 and 3 meters in height;
  • Between 6.5 and 7.5 meters in length.

If the size of the vehicle can be a brake when traveling the hairpin roads, the integral motorhome is still easy to handle on the majority of roads: countryside, city, motorway, gradient, etc.

It can be more difficult to heat an integral motorhome due to its large glazed spaces. For your winter holidays, a classic model could be preferable in order to limit thermal bridges.

In short, the integral motorhome is not the ideal option for your snow holidays. For other getaways, you won't regret choosing this superior model.

As you will have understood, this American-style motorhome is ideal for travelers who dream of big roads and wide open spaces. If the adventure tempts you, come and consult the AVIS explore fleet of integral motorhomes for hire!