Second hand motorhomes

Used motorhomes at AVIS explore: A wide selection of guaranteed vehicles

Since its establishment in 1979, AVIS explore has established itself as a leader in motorhome, van, and campervan rentals in France. However, our expertise doesn't end there. We also offer used motorhomes, vans, and second-hand campervans. At the end of each season, a portion of our leisure vehicle fleet is put up for sale to replenish a brand new rental fleet - a golden opportunity for you to purchase a used motorhome from just 5,000 km!

What are the advantages of buying a used motorhome from AVIS explore?

When you buy a used motorhome from AVIS explore, you enjoy several advantages:

  • AVIS explore is part of the Pilote Group: Our used motorhomes are factory vehicles with no intermediaries
  • With no intermediaries, there are no additional costs
  • You have a dedicated specialist in motorhomes and vans who knows the vehicles inside out
  • Of course, our vehicles are well-maintained, perfectly serviced, and guaranteed

What are the advantages of a used motorhome?

Buying a used motorhome from AVIS explore ensures:

  • Impeccable quality: Our fleet is regularly renewed. Vehicles retired from this fleet are meticulously maintained and meet strict quality criteria.
  • A variety of choices: Whether you're looking for a two-berth van, a van with a central bed, or a motorhome with twin beds, our diverse range will meet your needs.
  • Transparency: Each vehicle for sale comes with a detailed listing, specifying the number of berths, year of manufacture, mileage, bed type (central, drop-down, twin), and other essential specifications for your decision-making.

What mileage for a used motorhome?

Mileage is a crucial criterion when buying a used motorhome. At AVIS explore, we ensure that our vehicles have mileage that guarantees both performance and durability. While the number of kilometers may vary, each vehicle has been carefully driven, ensuring its good working condition. Furthermore, the mileage is systematically mentioned in our listings, allowing you to make an informed choice.

What is the average price of a used motorhome?

Acquiring a used motorhome from AVIS explore is both an economical and reliable choice. Prices for our used vehicles vary based on several criteria: year of registration, diesel engine, included equipment, and, of course, mileage. Although it is difficult to establish a fixed average price, we are committed to offering complete transparency in each purchase. All our listings provide precise details on these criteria, allowing you to evaluate and compare our offers.

The AVIS explore Warranty

Choosing AVIS explore for the purchase of a used motorhome means opting for a company with nearly half a century of expertise. Our vehicles, whether vans or motorhomes, are carefully selected to offer you an unforgettable travel experience. From storage space to onboard equipment, bed comfort, and the number of berths available, every detail is designed for your satisfaction. Our regularly renewed fleet offers used vehicles whose reliability and performance are beyond doubt. So, why wait? Explore our listings today and choose a used motorhome that suits you, with the guarantee and expertise of AVIS explore. AVIS, your trusted partner for memorable journeys on the roads of France. To discover our used motorhomes and vans for sale: or on our Le Bon Coin page.