Take advantage of the May bank holidays for a well-deserved break in a van or camper van.

The May holidays are perfect moments to hit the road in an AVIS explore van or camper van. Treat yourself to a real adventure break in the springtime nature for a few days, away from the daily grind. In this article, we share our expert tips for making the most of the May holidays in a camper van or converted van.

Why choose a van or camper van for the May holidays?

Do you crave a real break from your daily routine during the May holidays? Renting a camper van or van from AVIS explore is the perfect solution for a nature-filled getaway.

Flexible and free travel

Enjoy a springtime getaway behind the wheel of your home on wheels and follow your own itinerary. No time constraints, feel the full freedom of a flexible stay, adapting to your own desires!

Immerse yourself in a serene and pleasant nomadic lifestyle. Because at AVIS explore, we make it a point of honor to offer vehicles that combine ergonomics and comfort.

Renting a van or camper van for the May holidays 2024 with AVIS explore

During these enchanted breaks (Easter, Ascension, May holidays), AVIS explore exceptionally opens its agencies in Paris and Marseille and offers you rentals:

  • from Wednesday to Sunday at the Paris agency;
  • from Wednesday to Tuesday morning in Marseille.

And the icing on the cake, during these periods, you can park your personal vehicle for free in our agency's parking lot.

Suggested Itineraries

Take advantage of this May break to explore lesser-known places that hide genuine cultural treasures such as:

  • The Vosges Crests Road, which stretches over 73 km of breathtaking Vosges landscapes and their unforgettable panoramas, from Cernay to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines;
  • The Tarn Gorges, forming a canyon carved over time by the Tarn and representing an exceptional natural site not to be missed;
  • The Morvan Regional Natural Park, the oldest in France, which brings together a very rich ecosystem, 3 sites classified as Natura 2000, as well as unparalleled fauna and flora;
  • The Pink Granite Coast, in the Côtes-d'Armor, north of Brittany, where the marriage of pink granite with the ocean is magical. Then, explore the ornithological reserve of the 7 islands for a total immersion in wild nature.
  • The Ariège Pyrenees, for a real unforgettable hiking weekend between mountain landscapes and the exploration of their 3 caves dating back to the Stone Age!

Maximize your stay: activities and places not to be missed

In addition to the places to visit, maximize your stay during the May holidays with your camper van or converted van with original activities such as:

  • Wild camping in the heart of the Black Forest in Germany, one of the most popular camping destinations;
  • a hike in the Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain in Western Europe;
  • a night under the stars in the Dartmoor National Park, United Kingdom;
  • exploring the perched villages and vineyards of Tuscany in Italy.

As you can see, there are many ways to oxygenate yourself during the May holidays and enjoy the flourishing nature of spring!

Pro Tips for Traveling in a Van/Camper Van During the May Holidays

To enjoy your stay serenely during the May holidays in a camper van or converted van, here are some tips from AVIS explore.

First, prepare your trip well, even if it's short, by bringing along the essential equipment for a perfect getaway.

Then, choose different spots to spend the night. Besides campsites, which can sometimes be expensive, you also have the option of free parking spots (but legal!).

Finally, remember that this immersion in nature should remain respectful. This means, for example, limiting your carbon footprint by respecting sensitive natural areas.


How do I choose between a van and a camper van for the May holidays?

The choice depends on your needs, the number of people, but also the desired level of comfort.

What are the best destinations accessible by van or camper van?

If you lack inspiration for an original and unique itinerary, don't hesitate to use our trip planner. Our travel experts will be delighted to propose unforgettable routes!

What preparations are necessary before leaving in a van/camper van?

To prepare for any eventuality, read our guide to properly prepare your camper van or van trip.

Does AVIS explore offer options for travelers with no experience in vans/camper vans?

You have the option to subscribe to the Insurance option, which allows you to ask all your questions on the road, 24/7.

We have also developed numerous tutorials to help you get familiar with your motorized ally.

You can also reach out to our teams in the agency for step-by-step guidance.