Traveling in a 2-seater Van: what comfort?

Planning to take a van trip, but worried that a 2-person campervan might not be cozy enough for you? You will see, traveling in a 2-seater van does not mean depriving yourself of comfort. Discover all the conveniences of a panel van!

Which 2 person vans to rent from AVIS explore?

Avis Car Away offers two models of 2-person vans perfect for a road trip:

These little gems are vehicles whose living space has an ingenious layout. These vans consist of:

  • A 135 x 194 bed located at the back;
  • A kitchen area;
  • A bathroom with toilet.

Designed for long journeys, these 2-person vans allow you to get off the beaten track. They are able to take you to the other side of the world, without depriving you of comfort!

A van with 4 seats and 2 beds for traveling with friends

Good news, it is quite possible to travel with 4 people in a van for 2 people!

The 2-seater Adventure Van is approved for 4 seats. So you can go on an adventure with your children or friends in complete safety! You can also have a meal for 4 in the cockpit. On the other hand, consider taking an extra tent to accommodate them.

The advantages of two-seater vans for comfortable travel

At AVIS explore, the van fitted for 2 people that you rent offers you the modern comfort you dream of!

On the kitchen side, you keep your fresh products easily in the refrigerator. You can even concoct good meals thanks to a gas stove with two burners. When it's time to eat, the cabin of your 2-person van turns into a dining area. Convenient!

Whether you are 2 or 4 people, the two-seater van promises you quiet nights. Thanks to the blackout blinds, you won't be woken up by the light.

Finally, be aware that this type of van fitted out for 2 people has a 110-litre water reserve and a bathroom with shower.

Whether you want to visit Occitania or take a trip to Portugal, a van offers you the tranquility and comfort you expect. You don't yet know which van fitted out for 2 people will accompany you on your next vacation? Do not hesitate to consult all of our models on our AVIS explore.