How Does a Water Heater Work in a Motorhome?

How does a water heater work in a motorhome? Find out all you need to know to have hot water on your road trips. Gas water heater, instantaneous or solar, in 12 V, which one to choose? We also give you our tips to get you out of there with the most common maintenance and breakdowns of a motorhome boiler. Follow the guide !

1. The different types of water heaters in a motorhome

Different types of motorhome water heaters exist. Some are gas, others electricity, solar energy or even energy recovery:

  • instantaneous and automatic water heater;
  • the storage water heater (or boiler);
  • the water heater with energy recovery;
  • the 12 V or 230 V electric water heater;
  • the solar water heater for motorhomes.

2. How does the water heater in a motorhome work?

  • The gas boiler is the most widely used method for having hot water in your motorhome. The water rises in degrees thanks to a burner. It is stored and kept at temperature in a stainless steel tank. It is a mini-cumulus cloud whose capacity varies between 10 and 14 liters. It is reliable and secure. In addition, a control box modulates the temperature of the water.
  • In the most recent motorhomes, the water heater is combined with the vehicle's heating system, the water being heated up by the hot pulsed air. The space requirement is thus optimized.
  • The water heater with energy recovery provides hot water from the cooling circuit of the motorhome. In the balloon, an exchanger (a tube) allows the engine coolant to pass through, which will heat the water in the tank.

Maintaining a motorhome water heater is very simple:

  • The water heater of a motorhome has a water circuit that fears freezing. The latter can cause cracks. To avoid this when you winterize your motorhome, drain the circuit; to do this, use drain valves.
  • It is recommended to descale the water heater of a motorhome twice a year with white vinegar.

4. The most common breakdowns: tips for dealing with them

Among the most common motorhome water heater failures, some are caused by deterioration or improper installation of an electricity, water or gas supply.

  • Carefully check the power supply, whether the battery is charged, and the fuse.
  • Is there any water left in the cumulus cloud? Are the flow and pressure sufficient?
  • Check the gas cylinder, the cleanliness of the regulator, the condition of the motorhome gas filter, the opening of the cylinder and the valves.

No panic, whatever the failure, the water heater immediately goes into safety.

The operation of a water heater in a motorhome is very simple. To optimize its lifespan and benefit from hot water when you go on a road trip, consider its maintenance! Find all our tips on motorhomes with AVIS explore!