Which rental motorhome to choose?

Which motorhome to choose for rental to go on vacation? Which brand to favor and which criteria to favor? Here is all our advice from seasoned motorhome owners to select the ideal motorhome and go on holiday with all the comfort and safety necessary to drive and live intense adventures in complete autonomy.

1. The different types of motorhomes

Do you want to go on the road, be independent and stop when you want? Rent a motorhome: you gain freedom without the hassle of maintenance. Depending on your configuration, opt for a motorhome or a van.

Among the motorhomes, you have the choice between those with manual or automatic transmission and:

  • The profile,
  • Nasturtium,
  • The prestige profile,
  • The integral,
  • The great integral.

Among the vans, different models lend themselves to nomadism: the Adventure Combi, the 2 and 4-seater Adventure Van, the one with the pop-up roof.

2. What type of motorhome to choose according to the uses?

If you are driving a motorhome for the first time, choose a compact model less than 7 meters long and less than 3 meters high.

We place all our trust in the Pilote brand for the motorhomes that we rent to you. Their range is very heterogeneous and their services are premium:

  • The overcab motorhome is ideal for a couple with children, the overcab cell located above the driving position is versatile, it offers a sleeping place for 2 or a storage space.
  • The streamlined motorhome has the same advantages as the alcove, but smaller. Nevertheless, it is more manageable due to its limited height.
  • The integral motorhome is very comfortable and spacious, it is designed for 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. It is however more imposing than the 2 previous ones

3. Van vs motorhome: Which one to choose?

If you want to travel lighter in a vehicle fitted out for 2 or even 4 people, opt for a fitted van with a lifting roof. The Combi van is the symbol of road trips, it is easy to handle and park. It offers sufficient comfort for travel, even if it remains less well insulated than a cell. In addition, it has no toilets or showers and the living space is limited compared to motorhomes. Note that it has stationary heating, practical for the winter period.

4. The 10 criteria for choosing the right motorhome

Before renting a motorhome or van to go on an adventure, here are 10 criteria to consider:

  • The season: in winter, a motorhome is better insulated;
  • The budget (prices vary according to the season)
  • The types of roads to be traveled;
  • The size of the vehicle;
  • The bodywork;
  • The layout of the beds;
  • The number of approved places (check the gray card);
  • Sleeping areas;
  • Storage (modular or not);
  • Equipment (bike racks, outdoor furniture, etc.).

You have all the criteria to choose a motorhome to rent. Log in to find out all the details and visit our motorhomes and vans!

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