Complete Guide to Monthly Campervan Rental


If you have an adventurous spirit and want to explore the world freely, why not consider renting a campervan for a month? It's an ideal solution for traveling at your own pace. In this article, discover how to make the most of this unique experience while staying within your budget.

Advantages of Monthly Rental

Renting a campervan for a month has several definite advantages for adventurers seeking freedom and flexibility.

Firstly, long-term rental allows you to make significant savings. This option is much more affordable compared to more traditional, daily or weekly rentals.

Additionally, by renting a campervan for a month, you enjoy total freedom when it comes to your itinerary. No limits; you can cover long distances without any time constraints: the road is yours!

Indeed, behind the wheel of your motorized ally, you can satisfy all your wildest desires and explore the destinations of your dreams without worry. Thanks to an extended rental period, forget about additional costs.

Also, renting a campervan for a month allows you to experience a true immersion in a nomadic and comfortable lifestyle.

With AVIS explore, no more compromises; your long-term stay will remain engraved forever in your memories and those of your loved ones.

How to Choose the Right Campervan for a Month?

The choice of your campervan for a monthly rental depends on various factors:

  • the number of travelers;
  • the desired level of comfort;
  • fuel consumption;
  • the choice of insurance;
  • essential equipment for long-term travel.

Traveling for several weeks on the roads requires some organization for a serene campervan journey. Not to mention the preparation of your


Cost of Monthly Campervan Rental

The cost of renting a campervan for the month depends on various factors.

Expect on average:

  • €1,500 in low season;
  • €4,000 in peak summer.

Indeed, the price varies depending on the desired model, the time of year, or even the included and/or optional services (insurance, unlimited mileage, additional equipment).

Tips for Reducing Monthly Rental Costs

Nevertheless, it is possible to save money easily.

To reduce the cost of this month-long journey, you can:

  • book in advance;
  • choose less popular periods;
  • negotiate the rate with the agency;
  • take advantage of promo codes.

Once on the road, you can also reduce your budget by avoiding tolls or parking in free but authorized locations!

Essential Preparations for Your Long Journey

Setting off behind the wheel of a campervan for a whole month requires some preparation to deal with any eventuality. This allows you to travel with peace of mind!

Therefore, before the big departure, we recommend that you carefully read the key preparations such as vehicle checks, the essentials to pack in your bags, or our expert advice to plan a month-long itinerary perfectly!


To rent a campervan for a month, you will need:

  • your driver's license;
  • an identity document;
  • proof of residence;
  • a valid credit card.

At AVIS explore, all our rentals include standard insurance, to which various options can be added. But you can also rely on your private insurance.

Can you cross international borders with a rented campervan?

With AVIS explore, you can travel to all countries in the European Union (except Romania and Bulgaria, not covered by our insurance).

It is also possible to travel to Switzerland and Norway.


To find out all the countries covered by our insurance, do not hesitate to contact one of our numerous agencies.

How to manage vehicle maintenance during long-term rental?

During this period, vehicle maintenance is your responsibility. Just follow the recommended intervals.

How does unlimited mileage work for a monthly campervan rental?

The mileage offer adapts to the rental price. Expect an average of 20% of the rental amount for your campervan, with a minimum of €250.

Thus, under standard pricing, 4,500 km are included in the month.

Can you customize your campervan for a monthly rental ?

Professionals can customize your campervan for multi-month rentals. The service is provided on quotation.