Traveling by van vs motorhome: how to choose?

Do you want to rent a van or camping-car for your next getaway? We decipher for you the advantages of the camping-car compared to the converted van and vice versa. AVIS explore helps you choose the vehicle model and your mode of travel!

Camping-car vs Camper Van: Independence at Your Fingertips

Desire to escape? Go on an adventure in a van or camping-car! What could be better than waking up every morning in a different setting to quench your thirst for freedom?

A trip in a van or camping-car gives you the opportunity to travel the world, while having the feeling of being at home!

From a technical point of view, camping-cars and vans belong to the same family: that of motor vehicles equipped with at least one bed and a kitchen. However, as you will see, there are still differences between a van and a camping-car.

Let's see immediately what are the advantages and disadvantages of the camping-car compared to a camper van.

The differences between camping-car and camper vans

The size turns out to be both an advantage and a disadvantage of the camping-car. It offers a spacious and comfortable interior for traveling, but necessarily requires a suitable parking space.

The van, meanwhile, knows how to keep its discretion while being very handy. You park it without difficulty, including in the city center.

On the consumption side, be aware that the bigger the vehicle, the more fuel it needs. The van is therefore more economical compared to a camping-car.

Traveling in a camping-car vs campervan: a question of comfort?

Let's now go inside these two vehicles:

  • The size of the cabin is more of an advantage than a disadvantage in a camping-car. You walk around upright, without any problem;
  • Daily tasks, such as cooking and washing, are easier in a motorhome than in a van;
  • The dining area is more spacious in a camping-car;
  • It has a bathroom, which is not the case in most camper vans;
  • As for storage, there are of course fewer in a van.

If you are looking for a certain level of comfort, the motorhome turns out to be a good choice. You favor pleasant moments of life on shorter journeys and small stages, having all the amenities on board.

Do you like to swallow the miles, experience adventures in the field and marvel at magnificent landscapes? The van is perfectly suited for frequent travellers!

Campervan and camping-car are two vehicles capable of giving you a taste of freedom. If you want to favor mobility, a van is perfect! It is certainly less comfortable, but it takes you everywhere! To enjoy more comfort and space, opt for a motorhome. Avis Car Away offers both vehicles for hire. So which one will you choose?

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