The advantages of renting your motorhome one way

Going on an adventure, you love it, but returning to the starting point, very little for you? Then one-way rental is for you! Good news, this is an offer offered in some AVIS explore agencies. The opportunity to enjoy maximum freedom when you rent a motorhome during your holidays.

One-way rental: A hassle-free trip

When you travel, you generally plan to go from point A to point B. With a motorhome, you also have the possibility of stopping on the way to discover regions or cities. making you dream. Once you arrive at your destination, you don't necessarily want to go all the way back in the opposite direction to return your rental vehicle.

To remedy this, AVIS explore offers you a solution: one-way rental. In this case, you take the vehicle to an agency, that of Nantes for example, and can return it to that of another city, such as Strasbourg. You can even with the rental without return drop off your rental vehicle at any address in France or abroad, outside our agencies: AVIS explore will then dispatch a driver to meet you to collect your vehicle. This is a very practical option, especially if you do not have time to redo the whole trip and prefer to return home by train. One-way rental can also be useful if you want to connect two cities that are poorly served by train or other public transport. You can therefore easily use several means to get around according to your needs.

Greater freedom

On vacation, we want to relieve ourselves as much as possible of the obligations that are difficult to escape on a daily basis. Renting a vehicle without return will be ideal in order to enjoy maximum freedom throughout your trip. In particular, you can deviate somewhat from the initial itinerary according to your desires at the time without fear of not having time to return the motorhome. This is also a particularly practical option if you have not requested unlimited mileage. You will be able to see as many things as possible without worrying about the way back. Enough to allow you to relax as much as possible and to fully appreciate each day.

How does AVIS explore one-way rental work?

The procedures for a rental without return are very simple. When you rent your motorhome from AVIS explore, you ask us by phone or email. We will then tell you which cities are offered and you can decide according to your preferences. This offer applies according to dates and availability, so do not hesitate to contact the agency concerned directly in order to have all the information as well as a tailor-made proposal. Some options may differ or no longer be available in the case of a one-way rental, but you will be informed immediately so that you can make an informed decision.

Make life as easy as possible while on vacation with the one-way rental option available from AVIS explore. You will not be obliged to return the rented motorhome to the same agency.