Security deposits in a click!

AVIS explore launches a new online payment system that allows users to do security deposits via a credit card/debit card imprint. It is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to send us your deposits.

With this system, when you receive the Security Deposit request before your holiday it only takes minutes to do and you no longer need to worry about it. You can manage your deposit easily via debit or credit card transaction without having to pay in advance. This system doesn't reduce your ceiling debit!

This is not a payment and you will not be debited for the amount requested, but you authorise the payment if a problem occurs.

How it works :

  • A few weeks before your holiday you will receive a Security Deposit request for the amount that is stipulated on your Booking Form.
  • This will be an email indicating the name of the rented motorhome, the dates, and the deposit amount. It will contain a link to the secure on-line system.
  • You just need to click the link to enter the website, register and then enter your card details. Please do this promptly.
  • The deposit will be acknowledged and we will be notified that it has been done. Nothing to bring with you and no hassles on arrival. After your stay, the deposit will simply be cancelled by us.
  • In the unlikely event that there is an incident requiring a deduction from the deposit, you will be notified, along with the reasons for the deduction.