Rent a camper van in Portugal

Renting a Converted Van in Portugal

Dreaming of hitting the road and crisscrossing Portugal in a van? AVIS explore, with its wide network of rental agencies, will be your best ally for renting a converted van and living, with your passengers, a dream vacation. We tell you everything there is to know about driving conditions in a van in Portugal and our itinerary advice for a memorable journey, from Porto to Lisbon.

Renting a Converted Van in Portugal: Where to Make Your Rental?

For the rental of your van for Portugal, turn to the AVIS explore agencies and their teams of experts in converted vehicle rentals. We have a dozen agencies in France, so you are assured of finding one close to your city. But why opt for a van vacation? In addition to the sense of freedom it provides, the advantage of hitting the road in a converted van is that you can take more belongings with you on the way out... and bring back more souvenirs on the return journey. Moreover, with AVIS explore, you enjoy the top comfort in a converted vehicle and always at the best price.

Driving Rules in a Van in Portugal

In Portugal, the Highway Code is very similar to the one we know in France. However, there is one difference to remember: in a car as in a van, the use of dipped headlights is mandatory, day and night, on roads and in cities. Regarding speed limits, here are those you will have to respect at the wheel of a rental converted van:

  • In town: 50 km/h;
  • Outside urban areas: 80 km/h;
  • On national roads: 90 km/h;
  • On expressways: 100 km/h;
  • On highways: 120 km/h.

Bivouacking Rules in a Converted Van in Portugal

Be careful, in Portugal, the bivouacking rules in a motorhome or in a converted van are very strict. Since January 2021, it is forbidden to sleep in a converted van or motorhome, unless the vehicle is parked on a campsite or a reception area. In August 2021, this rule was slightly relaxed. It is now possible to stay in a municipal parking lot for 48 hours, even if it is not intended for camping. However, this relaxation does not apply to protected areas. Therefore, make sure to plan ahead as much as possible, during your van vacation, the place where you will spend the night.

Our 7-Day Road Trip Advice

For a trip to Portugal, you have the option, for example, to rent your converted vehicle from our Toulouse agency or Bordeaux. Here are the steps we suggest you follow during your vacations in the country of saudade and port wine:

  • 1st step: the Douro Valley, to discover its vineyards. They are among the most renowned in Portugal;
  • 2nd step: Porto, to visit the city's cathedral or the Ribeira district. The nightlife is very rich;
  • 3rd step: Sintra, a charming town in the hills, which houses many palaces. Then, not far from there, Lisbon, for a visit to the Saint George's Castle and the Belém Tower;
  • 4th step: continue your road trip in a van, towards the south and the Algarve region. We especially recommend Sagres and its impressive cliffs, Lagos and its beaches nestled in the rocks, and finally, the coastal city of Faro, capital of the Algarve.

To discover Portugal, take advantage of our very competitive van offer and rent one of our AVIS explore converted vehicles.

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How to book a converted van in Lisbon?

To book your rental van and set off on the roads of Portugal, go to the reservation configurator at the top of this page. Select one of our AVIS explore agencies in France, choose the dates you wish to hit the road, then validate. Among the different offers, select the van of your choice, as well as the desired options (GPS, unlimited mileage, child seat, comfort kit...). Finally, enter your details and proceed to payment: there, your van rental is booked!

Can we travel across Europe with a van rented in Portugal?

It is possible to cross other borders than that of Portugal during your trip in a rental van. This is the case for almost all European Union countries, except Romania and Bulgaria. The list of countries you can visit in a converted vehicle is available in the general conditions of AVIS explore.

What are the rental conditions for a converted van in Portugal?

To rent a van, you must be, as a driver, over 23 years old and have had your license for more than 3 years. If your license is not French, it must be written in French, or be accompanied by a translation. An international license is also allowed by the rental conditions of AVIS explore. We also ask you to provide a proof of residence, as well as a deposit ranging from 1000 to 2400 euros.

What insurances are included in the rental of a van?

For any rental of a van or a converted vehicle in one of our agencies, you benefit from vehicle insurance included in the price. In case of damage inflicted on another vehicle, you are therefore covered by the insurer of AVIS explore. In case of damage for which you are responsible on your rental van, you are covered by a deductible of 2400 €.

Are there parking restrictions for converted vans in Portugal?

In Portugal, you can normally sleep in a parking lot, but on condition of not staying more than 48 hours in the same place. Be careful, because this is not the case everywhere and some areas, or municipalities, are prohibited from camping. It is therefore appropriate, during your trip, to be well informed and avoid stopping just anywhere with your converted van.

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