Prepare your weekend in a 4-seater van

Are you about to hire a 4-seater fitted van? If you are new to vanlife, you certainly have a thousand questions about what to pack for a weekend. AVIS explore has prepared a small checklist of the essentials to take with you for a short road trip in a 4-seater van.

At AVIS explore we offer 3 models of 4-seater van type leisure vehicle:

What equipment in 4-seater fitted vans?

A 4-seater overnight van includes a number of features for more comfort. In all our vehicles of this type, you will find:

  • A small fitted kitchen;
  • A dining area;
  • Two beds.

Note that with this van, you can enjoy a shower with toilet, which is not the case with a Renault Trafic type van.

At AVIS explore, any rental of a 4-seater fitted van includes:

  • Two gas bottles (one in use and one in reserve);
  • An extension cord;
  • An empty jerrycan;
  • A chemical product, specifically designed for the maintenance of toilets;
  • wedges;
  • Crockery and kitchen utensils, if you request them;
  • A shovel and a broom.

Do not hesitate to take stock of the equipment at the time of departure to be sure to have everything you will need during the rental.

What do you have left to plan for your weekend in a 4-seater converted van?

Are you ready to escape for two days in Occitania or the Alps? Remember to take on board your 4-seater fitted van for the night:

  • Toilet paper;
  • A dishcloth and a sponge;
  • A cafeteria ;
  • Essential condiments;
  • A few staple foods like rice, pasta, coffee or tea.

Note that this equipment is not included in the rental of your recreational vehicle.