On a bicycle rack or in the hold: comment transporting your bikes in a motorhome?

You have planned your stay in a motorhome, your checklist of on-board equipment is ready and you plan to bring bikes to get around easily during your stops. Excellent idea! But how is it better to transport your bikes in a motorhome: on a bike rack or in the hold? Here is a small practical guide to leave peacefully.

The bike rack at the rear of the motorhome

The most common way is to attach the bike to a bike rack attached to the back of the vehicle. But here is the size of your extended motorhome and the difficulties to maneuver increased tenfold. In addition, be aware that a bike carrier can generally only support up to 15 kg per bike for a total of 3 to 4 bikes. Additional weight in the rear of your motorhome that should be taken into account. Also watch out for electrically assisted bicycles which weigh very heavy and which are not suitable for electric ascending bike carriers.

Also we recommend that in the case of a bicycle rack attached to the back of your motorhome not to go beyond 3 bikes (option available on request when renting your motorhome from AVIS explore) and 2 bicycles if your rental vehicle is a van.


Safety rules to follow with a motorhome bike carrier

In order to ride safely with your bikes on the bike rack, it is necessary to know a few rules.

First, you must respect the maximum load of the bike carrier, which is generally between 45 and 60 kg. The structure of the bicycle carrier must be stable and robust, whether it is located at the rear of the motorhome or on the towing ball.

The bikes must also be securely attached to the motorhome bike rack using the straps provided in the kit. Tensioners may be suitable. You can also place tarpaulins on the bikes to protect them from possible projections during the trip.

If you are going abroad to countries such as Spain, Italy or Portugal, you will need to equip yourself with a reflective traffic sign to attach to the back of your motorhome bike rack. It will notify motorists of the presence of your bicycle carrier. The bicycle carrier may also not exceed 10% of the total length of the motorhome.


Transporting bicycles in the hold of the motorhome: the solution synonymous with serenity

According to a survey carried out by the site, Transporting bicycles in the hold is the solution favored by motorhome operators

Indeed, transporting bicycles in the hold has many advantages:

  • 1- Your bikes are stored away from bad weather
  • 2- They are also protected against the temptation of theft
  • 3- The size of your motorhome is not impacted
  • 4- Loading in the hold is much more comfortable than on a bicycle rack which is often located at a height, especially if you have opted for a heavier VAE (electrically-assisted bicycle)
  • 5- You do without additional signaling obligations

It is nevertheless recommended to properly align your bikes inside the hold of your motorhome.

For all these reasons, at AVIS explore we favor the hold system for transporting our customers' bikes for serene, sporting and ecological holidays!