What is the price for a motorhome rental for 1 week?

That's it, you've made up your mind, this year you're going on vacation in a motorhome! But before you start, you should assess the costs in order to be well prepared and avoid unpleasant surprises. AVIS explore comes back for you on the price of renting a motorhome for a week and explains everything you need to think about.

Price of renting a motorhome for 1 week

First thing, the amount of the rental itself. At AVIS explore, multiple vehicles are available according to your needs and especially the number of people on board. Count about 700 € per week in mid season, and from 1000 € per week in summer. Depending on the models, options and agencies, the price can go up to 2000€ per week.

What is the fuel cost for a week?

Besides rental, your motorhome will need fuel to move forward. This type of vehicle consumes, on average, 12 to 13 l/100 km. The amount of the invoice will depend on the current price of fuel. In order to find out which service stations are equipped for motorhomes, allowing waste water to be emptied and water to be filled up, you can consult the government website. The Mappy site will be very useful for forecasting your consumption and evaluating the price of the fuel you need.

What is the cost of tolls for a week of travel?

Like cars, motorhomes must pay a toll to drive on the highways. The price will depend on the route taken. So remember to find out, because some portions are very expensive, you may prefer to use secondary roads. The price will vary depending on the category of the motorhome:

  • Category 2: If the height of your vehicle is between 2 and 3 meters and its GVW (total authorized laden weight) is less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes (category of vehicles at AVIS explore);
  • Category 3: If its height is equal to or greater than 3 meters and its GVW is greater than 3.5 tons.

At AVIS explore, you will find less expensive category 2 motorhomes.

How much does a camping pitch cost for a week?

Even if you can sleep in your rental motorhome, you will have to park it in a campsite and, at the very least, park your vehicle in a dedicated and authorized space. Some are free, others charge, in this case, count around 10 to 15 € per night. In order to find where to park at night, you can use various apps, such as Park4Night or CaraMaps.  

How much does insurance cost for a week in a motorhome?

The vehicles are rented "ready to go", insurance included. It is possible to add options regarding vehicle insurance, equipment, mileage or additional services. You can turn to your private insurance to establish a contract. AVIS explore offers a limitation of liability service at €16 per day to reduce the deductible in the event of damage to the motorhome.

There you have it, you know what costs to take into account in order to evaluate the price of renting a motorhome for a week. All you have to do is prepare your itinerary.

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