What insurance should be provided for the rental of a motorhome?

During your motorhome vacation, leave with peace of mind by taking out insurance for the duration of your trip. It will cover you in case of damage to the vehicle and it will protect the passengers of the motorhome. We explain to you what motorhome rental insurance includes.

Why should you insure your vehicle?

An accident on the road quickly happened. An impact on the windshield, a bursting tire, a breakdown or a collision with another vehicle. Even when you are careful, you are never safe from a glitch. Insurance is essential to avoid paying too much in the event of damage. You will travel much more serenely if you are well protected.

What is included in your Avis Explore rental?

Good news, all vehicles in the AVIS explore fleet include insurance. This covers the driver's civil liability on the road (covering damage to other vehicles). In addition, damage to the vehicle is covered with an excess of €2,400. This means that in the event of damage to the vehicle, you will have to pay the amount of the repairs with a maximum of €2,400. Of course, if your responsibility is not engaged, you will have nothing to pay. Attention, there are exclusions, it is essential to read the general conditions to be aware of them.

What options are available?

In addition to the insurance included when renting a motorhome from AVIS explore, several add-ons are available depending on your preferences and needs:

  • 24/7 assistance: for 8 euros per day, AVIS Explore Assistance organizes your breakdown assistance, in France and in authorized countries. Whether you are the victim of a mechanical breakdown, or of an on-board device, you will be taken care of and accompanied;
  • Glass breakage: for 6.5 euros per day for all vehicles (15 euros for the Integral model). This option exempts you from any financial liability in the event of damage to the windows of the vehicle (windshield and cabin windows);
  • Limitation of liability: for 16 euros per day with a minimum of 149 euros. This lowers the deductible in the event of an accident from 2,400 euros to 800 euros.

For more serenity:

  • The additional driver: when booking with AVIS Explore, a 2nd driver is immediately offered. You can add a 3rd for 50 euros;
  • The cancellation plan: an unforeseen event before the trip may occur. Remember to subscribe to the cancellation plan for 7% of the rental amount with a minimum of 120 euros;
  • Unlimited mileage: go where you want during your trip with unlimited mileage. The option costs 20% of the rental amount with a minimum of 250 euros.

How to make sure on his side?

If you wish to benefit from additional guarantees, do not hesitate to contact your insurance company in order to take out damage insurance on your side and negotiate conditions according to your needs.

Be prepared for all situations with motorhome rental insurance. You will be protected personally, but also in the event of damage to the vehicle.