Discover the ultimate comfort with our automatic transmission motorhomes.

Embark on a hassle-free adventure, combining simplicity and comfort with automatic transmission motorhome rental at AVIS explore. Forget about the hassle of shifting gears and enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience. In this article, discover how this option allows you to fully focus on the wonders surrounding you during your getaways, for unique and memorable memories.

Why choose an automatic transmission motorhome?

Renting an automatic transmission motorhome offers an unparalleled driving experience marked by simplicity and comfort.

No need to think about changing gears or managing clutches anymore. Indeed, with an automatic transmission, even the least experienced drivers can hit the road with confidence!

This ease of driving translates into reduced fatigue, especially on long journeys. By eliminating the constraints of manual driving manipulation, you can focus on the road and the enchanting landscapes unfolding before your eyes. Thus, you enjoy a travel experience that is both immersive and safe.

Vehicle selection and preparation

When selecting an automatic transmission motorhome, several factors should be considered to ensure an optimal travel experience:

  • consider the number of travelers and the planned itinerary;
  • choose the desired level of comfort;
  • select a vehicle tailored to your comfort and equipment preferences;
  • perform all safety checks before hitting the road;
  • get familiar with the different features of the vehicle;
  • follow our simple tips for smooth driving with an automatic transmission.

Maximizing your travel experience

To maximize your experience aboard an automatic transmission motorhome, here are some practical suggestions:

  • efficiently manage space by strategically storing your belongings to maximize comfort and ergonomics;
  • create a comfortable environment during long journeys (pillow, blankets, accessories for relaxation);
  • use travel apps to facilitate your road trips and find the best parking spots for the night;
  • prepare detailed itineraries to not miss anything during your trip and reduce unforeseen events along the way;
  • enhance your journey by finding unique activities and experiences during the trip for unforgettable memories at every stage of your adventure.

Our exclusive services and benefits

For an optimal travel experience aboard our automatic transmission motorhomes, AVIS explore offers numerous additional services and unique benefits:

With AVIS explore, every detail of your adventure is taken care of to help you focus solely on discovering new horizons, with friends or family.


Training for driving an automatic motorhome: is it necessary?

No training is required to drive an automatic transmission motorhome. A regular driver's license is sufficient. However, you must have held a driver's license for 3 years.

What equipment is included in the rental?

All our vehicles come with:

  • a welcome kit;
  • the user manual;
  • leveling blocks;
  • an electrical adapter/cable;
  • dishes;
  • a jerrycan;
  • a gas bottle.

How to reserve an automatic motorhome at AVIS Explore?

Contact the nearest agency, select the rental dates, and the most suitable vehicle for your needs. On the day of pickup, all that's left is to embark!

Tips for overnight parking with the motorhome?

During the night, you have various parking options. Some may even be free, while others involve wild camping, for a total immersion in nature. In any case, you must find authorized spots.