Why choose a streamlined motorhome for your road trip

Do you want to test the low-profile motorhome for your next road trip? This mode of transport offers both comfort and freedom, ideal for a successful trip. Trust AVIS explore to find the vehicle you need. We have many agents all over France and offer a very wide range of low-profile motorhomes.

What is a profile motorhome?

In the trade, there are 5 different categories of motorhomes, but there are 2 types and often present on the routes: the profile motorhome and the integral motorhome. The profile of the model is a camper on a cell added at design time. This vehicle includes a driver's cabin, like those found in a large car, as well as a living space in the form of a large cell mounted on the chassis.

What are the advantages and differences with other models?

Now let's talk about the strengths of the profile motorhome compared to the integral motorhome. This type of vehicle is generally lighter and more compact than an integral model, so it will be easy to drive and above all to maneuver. The big progress has been made compared to older models, with a larger living space. This makes it possible to install real, very comfortable beds. Ideal to be able to rest well during your road trip and stay in shape.

The very wide choice offered by AVIS explore for your road trips in a streamlined motorhome

That's it, you've decided, this year, it will be a road trip in a motorhome! From Paris to Marseille, via Bordeaux or Nice, AVIS explore agencies are spread throughout the country. You can even take our vehicles beyond the country's borders to travel in Europe. Our streamlined motorhomes are very varied in order to adapt to all needs. Here is an overview of our offer:

It's up to you to see which of our streamlined motorhomes will best suit your needs. All you have to do is define your route.