Europe by motorhome: the 7 best destinations from south to north

Take to the open sea at the wheel of your motorhome, and set off to discover the European roads. We present to you our top 7 destinations in Europe, to explore during a week of vacation or during a long road trip.

Motorhome in Europe: Destination #1 Italy

Once through the gateway to Italy, the Alps give way to the Dolomites. This first glimpse of Italian landscapes is breathtaking, from steep mountains to verdant valleys. Explore the peninsula to the heel of the Italian boot: from Venice, Florence and Rome to Naples and the splendor of Puglia.


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Motorhome in Europe: Destination #2 Portugal

In Portugal, each region has its own landscapes. Take advantage of the reduced distances of this small country to explore its rich cultural and natural heritage. Start your journey with Porto and the Douro Valley, then head south: visit Coimbra and Lisbon, and breathe in the sweetness of life in the Algarve and Alentejo.


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Motorhome in Europe: Destination #3 the Bardenas Desert

In the north of Spain, the region of Navarre has a natural treasure worthy of a far-west setting. Immerse yourself in the heart of the semi-desert landscape of the Bardenas, this strange red and white desert. Admire its unusual mineral formations... You will feel like you have landed on the Moon.


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Motorhome in Europe: Destination #4 Switzerland

The country of the Helvetians is a small paradise for motorhome owners. Explore the mountain roads in the green surroundings:

  • Lake Geneva and Geneva;
  • from Gruyère and Lucerne, at the foot of Mount Pilatus;
  • of Fribourg, reputed to be the most beautiful city in the country.


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Motorhome in Europe: Destination #5 The Netherlands

The striking colors of this flowery country will leave you speechless. At the wheel of your motorhome, explore its landscapes dotted with picturesque mills, peaceful canals and tulip fields:

  • on the road to the Netherlands, Bruges, or the “Venice of the North”;
  • Kinderdijk and its 19 mills;
  • Gouda and its succulent cheeses;
  • and of course, the famous Amsterdam.


Departing from Paris or Strasbourg, treat yourself to a charming getaway in the Netherlands and follow our recommendations for a trip to the Netherlands by motorhome

Motorhome in Europe: Destination #6 Scotland

Rent your motorhome in our Parisian agency, then reach Dunkirk. Board the ferry, cross the English Channel, then the peaceful English countryside to the remains of Hadrian's Wall.

Every day, the play of light illuminating the superb Scottish landscapes amaze visitors. From Edinburgh, set off to explore the Castles Route, the Highlands, and of course… the famous Loch Ness!


Discover in detail our recommendations for motorhome routes in Scotland.

Motorhome in Europe: Destination #7 Norway and the North Cape

Head to Paris to rent the ideal motorhome for your Nordic adventures. Plan at least 2 or 3 weeks to enjoy this exceptional road trip, to the borders of northern Europe.

Arrived at the North Cape, soak up the serenity of the place by admiring the northern lights, but also sumptuous wild forests and spectacular fjords.


For an extraordinary motorhome trip in Norway and the North Cape, follow the route and recommendations of our influencers who traveled to Norway by motorhome with an Avis Car Away vehicle.

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