9 good reasons to rent a camper van

The holidays are coming ? The adventure begins the moment you switch on the ignition! Here are our 9 good reasons to fall for the camper van rental.

Rent a campervan Reason #1 Why rent a campervan?

You may not know where to go yet, but you just want to go. No need to book a hotel, the advantage of the camper van is that you can improvise your itinerary.

Rent a campervan Reason #2 Campervan rental: what license do you need?

No specific permit is required. Your B license is more than enough, provided that the weight of the van does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

Rent a campervan Reason #3 Where to rent a campervan?

If you have a lot of luggage, consult the list of our regional agencies to rent your camper van closest to you.

Otherwise, AVIS explore agencies are waiting for you all over France: pick up your campervan as close as possible to your destination and start exploring the roads immediately.

Rent a campervan Reason #4 Renting a campervan for a weekend: the ideal solution

Escape for a weekend: go wherever you want, taking advantage of the freedom conferred by your camper van rental. Travel the roads for a few unforgettable days that will immerse you in total disconnection.

Rent a campervan Reason #5 Campervan rental for 1, 2 or 3 weeks

Are you planning a road trip over one or more weeks? By renting a fitted van, take advantage of the ideal conditions to explore the roads and plunge into the heart of sublime landscapes. Set sail for the destinations of your dreams and improvise camps whenever you have a crush.

Renting a camper van Reason #6 Renting a campervan: what to put in your suitcase?

If you don't want to overload your suitcases, Avis Car-Away offers you the option of:

  • A GPS to navigate according to your desires;
  • A comfort kit with bedding and towels;
  • A camping table and chairs to enjoy the fresh air;
  • A child seat and a booster seat, so that everyone can enjoy the trip;
  • A bike rack for strolling on country roads;
  • And many other possibilities…

Rent a campervan Reason #7 Campervan rental: the van life on trial

You may be hesitating to get started and you are right: the van life is not made for everyone. But, if you dream of it, give yourself a try! By renting a camper van, take the test over a few days or a few weeks and see if you take a liking to road trips.

Renting a campervan Reason #8 Renting a campervan with your dog (or cat): is it possible?

It is out of the question to deprive your pet of a vacation. Your pets are allowed at no extra charge in our camper van rentals… as long as you don't set your sights on a tame horse or caiman.

What should be planned?

  • A necklace with your details, in addition to the tattoo or the compulsory electronic chip;
  • Up-to-date vaccinations (you never know what your adventures have in store for you);
  • Numerous breaks in the open air to stretch your legs: the opportunity for you to take less tiring stops and discover little corners of paradise;
  • His little nest in the van: a place of his own with his blanket and his toys, to create a familiar atmosphere.

Don't forget the tick hook, dewormer, etc.

Rent a campervan Reason #9 Campervan rental: which model to choose?

Discover our range of AVIS explore vans. Our vehicles adapt to your tastes and needs. From the classic model to the fitted van with pop-up roof, from urban driving to the sporty motorhome, you will soon find what you are looking for.

Discover our other van life tips

Always eager to accompany you in the organisation of your next van road trip, AVIS explore wants to share with you all the tips and answer your questions to live your best van life with an AVIS explore rental van. Discover our selection of van life tips just for you !

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