The Ascension holiday : Your Next Adventure in a Van or Camper"


The Ascension weekend is the perfect opportunity for a nature getaway. Free yourself from the daily grind and embark on a unique adventure behind the wheel of a camper or converted van. Whether you dream of mountain hikes or a night under the stars, AVIS explore offers you the chance to enjoy a true escape, where every kilometer hides a gem to discover. In this article, explore all our tips for an unforgettable Ascension weekend in a camper!

Why Choose a Van or Camper for Ascension?

Opting to spend Ascension in a van or camper means breaking away from traditional destinations, often lacking in meaning, to explore unique, surprising, and less crowded places.

The definite advantage of being behind the wheel of your home on wheels is the flexibility and autonomy it offers. Venture off the beaten path, take breaks facing unique panoramas, in the heart of Mother Nature, and above all, adapt your itinerary to your desires and the surprises that will punctuate this fabulous stay.

With AVIS explore, savor your campervan or converted van journey during Ascension and all the freedom, as well as the wonderful memories that come with it.

Must-Visit Destinations for Ascension

Ascension is an invitation to relaxation. Take advantage of it to visit refreshing spots via peaceful routes:

  • Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Brittany by exploring its rugged coastline. Open your eyes wide and discover its majestic cliffs, beaches, and charming fishing ports. And don't miss the famous Pointe du Raz, which offers a spectacular view of the ocean!
  • Soak up the rich variety of landscapes in Camargue. Between marshes, lagoons, and sandy expanses, you will encounter pink flamingos, horses, or even bulls, living in complete freedom. You can even spend the night in camping spots, located amidst preserved nature.
  • Explore the winding roads of the Massif Central. There you will see sleeping volcanoes and lush forests. Are you an experienced hiker? Take the numerous trails that will allow you to venture into diverse flora and fauna.

Activities Not to Be Missed During Ascension

Springtime activities abound during your Ascension stay in a campervan:

  • Take a big breath of fresh air and enjoy the mild spring temperatures for beautiful hikes in national parks.
  • Explore the wine regions to admire the blooming vineyards and taste the first wines of the new harvest.
  • Attend music, art, or food festivals outdoors, accessible by converted vehicles.
  • The return of warmer weather means picnics by lakes, rivers, or even the sea! Prepare delicious meals from your campervan, then go and enjoy them in the middle of nature, in an exceptional setting.

Tips for a Successful Ascension Trip

For a successful campervan trip during Ascension, at AVIS explore, we share some wise advice.

Firstly, for a real relaxation break, avoid overcrowded places and opt for less crowded routes. You will feel a true sense of freedom, close to Mother Nature. Total disconnection!

Next, manage your water and energy resources wisely by taking quick showers and using energy-saving devices.

Finally, we recommend choosing overnight parking spots. You have the choice between paid and free spots.

For this, feel free to download apps like Park4Night or CaraMaps. You can also get one of our Michelin guides.

Traveling by Campervan or Converted Van for Ascension with AVIS explore in 2024

This year, AVIS explore bends over backwards and opens the doors of 2 of its agencies for exceptional rentals:

  • from Wednesday to Sunday at our Paris agency;
  • from Wednesday to Tuesday morning at the Marseille agency.

Finally, during these special periods (Ascension, Easter, May holidays), enjoy free parking in our agencies for your personal vehicle during your stay.


What is the ideal duration for a van or camper stay during Ascension?

To fully enjoy this long weekend, we recommend departing from Wednesday morning until Sunday – and it's even better if you can extend until Monday!

How can I find welcoming wild camping spots for Ascension?

Do you want to experience something unique through wild camping? Feel free to check right here to discover the different authorized areas.

Are there any restrictions to be aware of when traveling by van or camper during Ascension?

The departure date doesn't change anything, you are subject to the same regulations as usual in France.

Does AVIS explore offer special equipment for Ascension stays?

Regardless of the day and duration of your trip, although you will find equipment included in all our vehicles, know that it is possible to rent additional items. The list is available here.