How to spend Easter in a camper van?

Approaching Easter, a gentle excitement fills the air, heralding renewal and a need for escape. Winter is behind us, so why not clear your mind behind the wheel of a campervan or motorhome this Easter? At AVIS explore, we aim to make every trip an unforgettable memory.


Why choose a campervan or motorhome for Easter?

With the arrival of warmer days, do you feel the urge to get outdoors? Why not experience new adventures by traveling more freely?

For Easter, consider holidaying with a campervan or motorhome. These vehicles become your best road companions for unique routes and, most importantly, a completely new way to explore certain places.

Nothing beats a campervan for feeling close to nature and enjoying idyllic landscapes!

Moreover, at AVIS explore, we offer formidable allies to help you experience a true adventure with family or friends, all while maintaining optimal comfort.

Discovering France's treasures

Need inspiration? At AVIS explore, we know all about itineraries.



During the Easter holidays, take the wheel of your campervan or motorhome to discover treasures of France, such as:

  • The Flower Route in Normandy: Don't miss Giverny, home to the very famous Claude Monet's house and his breathtaking gardens;
  • The Loire Valley Castles in France: Explore history by visiting the most beautiful castles in France, such as Chambord, Amboise, or Chenonceau;
  • The Wine Route in Alsace: Wine lover? Experience unique tastings of renowned vintages in the Riquewihr vineyards;
  • The Écrins National Park: For all hiking enthusiasts, explore mountain landscapes, crystalline lakes, and enjoy lush flora and fauna;
  • The French Riviera: Dive into Mediterranean glamour and its famous golden sandy beaches.

Escape abroad

But there's no stopping you from going even further, because aboard an AVIS explore campervan or motorhome, the only limit is you.

You can push all the boundaries and see what the foreign lands have to offer.

  • Immerse yourself in a sea of tulips at Keukenhof, in Holland;
  • enjoy a cultural and natural getaway by immersing yourself in the wild beauty of lakes and mountains, in the heart of the Lake District, England;
  • admire the magic of landscapes and villages in the Amalfi Coast, Italy, where every winding road reveals hidden treasures of art and local cuisine.

Renting a campervan for Easter with AVIS explore in 2024

Want to rent a campervan for a nature-filled Easter weekend? Know that, exceptionally during these periods (including Ascension and May holidays), our agency in:

  • Paris remains open and offers rentals from Wednesday to Sunday;
  • Marseille allows you to rent a vehicle from Wednesday to Tuesday morning.

Moreover, your personal vehicle can be left free of charge in the agency's parking lot!


1. How to find suitable camping areas for Easter?

During the Easter holidays, if you're looking for suitable camping areas for campervans and motorhomes, check out our guide to become an expert on the subject or equip yourself with a paper format guide!

2. What are the best types of vehicles for an Easter trip?

The choice of your motorized ally depends on various criteria. So, to find out which one is best suited to your situation or needs, we invite you to read all our valuable advice regarding the choice of a campervan or motorhome.

3. What specific preparation is required for a campervan or motorhome trip at Easter?

Is this your first motorhome or campervan trip and you want to be well-prepared? Once again, at AVIS explore, we've written a practical guide for you on how to prepare for your adventure.