Rent a van in Corsica: tips and travel itineraries

Seasoned travelers will tell you: Corsica by van is a gem for athletes, as well as for lovers of relaxation.

Do you want to rent a fitted van in Corsica to escape off the beaten path? That's exactly the spirit that drives us and the road trip experience we want to offer you. The Bike Trip of three young cyclists will certainly give you some ideas. Departing in a fitted van from our AVIS explore agency in Ajaccio, they took every opportunity to swap the steering wheel for the handlebars of their mountain bikes and explore the Corsican landscapes, even the most inaccessible ones.

roadtrip by van in Corsica visiting Corsica with a rental van

These cycling enthusiasts set off from Lyon. It was their third road trip. By renting a van in Corsica, they traveled the island from north to south, taking a mountainous route of 873 km starting from Bastia to reach Bonifacio.

For their van trip in Corsica, they planned a 9-stage circuit across the island of beauty. They completed this road trip in 9 days with the Trek 5 Hanroad van:

  • Bastia, the main city in the north of the island;
  • Saint Florent, a small picturesque port, with typical Mediterranean charm;
  • Asco, about an hour and a half drive by van. A small town in the heart of the island's mountains;
  • Calvi, located on the west coast of the island;
  • Piana, famous for its red rock creeks, about 2 hours' drive from Calvi;
  • Porto, a charming small fishing port, just steps from the Scandola nature reserve. A hiker's paradise, whether on foot or by bike;
  • Corte and its impregnable citadel, at the heart of the island of beauty;
  • Ghisoni, still in the center of the island, a short hour's drive by van;
  • Bonifacio, the final destination of our cyclists' road trip in Corsica. Located at the extreme south of Corsica, after that... it's the sea!

la traversée roadtrip in corsica by bike

Van Travel Itinerary in Corsica - 1 Week

Have you rented a fitted van in Corsica for a week? Excellent decision, the experience you're about to have promises to be emotionally rich and full of lovely surprises. Once your bags are packed and you've picked up the keys to your vehicle at our AVIS explore agency in Ajaccio, we recommend following this itinerary:

  • Day 1: first stop on your road trip? Propriano, wander between beaches, coves, and maquis;
  • Day 2: get back on board your fitted van and head towards Alta Rocca, a historical high point of the island with breathtaking views of the mountains of the Island of Beauty and its green landscapes;
  • Day 3: 30 minutes in your van admiring the beauty of the landscapes and you arrive at Sartène. Enjoy the panorama from the rocky spur of Pitraghju and the three-story bell tower of the church Santa Maria Assunta;
  • Day 4: stroll around the port of Bonifacio and climb the King of Aragon's steps. Its 170 steps seem suspended above the Mediterranean. One of the highlights of your road trip in Corsica;
  • Day 5: take the road to Porto-Vecchio during your fitted van rental, discovering its fabulous white sandy beaches and turquoise waters;
  • Day 6: follow the east coast of the Island of Beauty and let yourself be charmed by the picturesque allure of Solenzara and its marina;
  • Day 7: add a historical and ancient hue to your van rental in Corsica by joining Aléria. The former Corsican capital, it is full of remnants from Phocaean, Etruscan, and Roman civilizations.

Van Travel Itinerary in Corsica - 15 Days

7 days to discover Corsica is a good start. But if you can extend your van rental in Corsica for an additional 7 days, that's ideal. By the end of this 15-day road trip, Corsica will have no more secrets for you! Get ready for an unforgettable experience, to share with family or friends:

  • Day 1: after renting your van in Ajaccio, head to the Calanques de Piana. Its red cliffs and clear waters form a small unusual paradise;
  • Day 2: head to Calvi and its elegant citadel. A relaxing time awaits you on its beach nearby. Then, enjoy a leisurely stroll in its pine forest;
  • Day 3: continue your van rental in Corsica to Saint-Florent. Opt for an exploration of the island's seabed during a diving session off the town;
  • Days 4-5: take your tribe to Cap Corse, in the wild Corsica, and be enchanted by the authentic charm of Erbalunga;
  • Day 6: wander around beautiful Bastia and its hilltop villages with a warm atmosphere. Treat yourself to a gourmet break, and taste local specialties, like sardines with brocciu or prisuttu, a raw ham from a Corsican pig species;
  • Day 7: take advantage of your van rental in Corsica for a visit to Corte, and admire the superb landscapes of its mountainous setting;
  • Day 8: less than an hour's drive in your fitted van, make a stop at Aléria, to taste its wine and discover its archaeological remains;
  • Day 9: hike in the majestic Bavella massif to admire its spectacular needles and pines shaped by the wind;
  • Day 10: head to Porto-Vecchio, to immerse yourself in the charm of its alleys and the incredible beauty of its coastline;
  • Day 11-12: explore Bonifacio, a historic town perched on white cliffs overlooking the sea;
  • Day 13: from Propriano, find the idyllic starting point for your snorkeling activities;
  • Days 14-15: all good things come to an end, and unfortunately, your van rental in Corsica is no exception. Enjoy the last moments by tasting the unique atmosphere of the Corsican capital.

Driving Tips and Van Models

In Corsica, panoramic views and escapes come with winding and steep roads. During your journey on the roads of the island of beauty, it is therefore appropriate to adopt cautious driving. If you feel less comfortable driving on mountain sides, choose a smaller vehicle for your van rental in Corsica.

For your van rental in Corsica, the AVIS explore agency in Ajaccio offers several models of fitted vehicles to meet your needs. Discover our Adventure range and our entire offer to travel around Corsica in a motorhome or in a fitted van.

  • Our 4-seat van models: with the Hanroad Trek, travel light to explore the most beautiful roads of the island. Inside, you'll find a kitchen area, a two-person bed, and a four-person lounge area, to bring two additional camper friends.
  • Our models of vans for 2 or 4 people: the Pilote V600G, with or without a pop-up roof, is the ideal vehicle to explore the roads of Corsica. In addition to the main bed, our 4-person model has an additional bed in the pop-up roof. As for equipment, everything is there for a dream road trip experience: kitchen area with refrigerator, lounge area, bathroom with shower...


What are the conditions for renting a van in Corsica?

To rent a van in Corsica, you must have held a B license for more than three years and be over 23 years old. You can also rent a van in Corsica if you have an international driving license, or if you have a foreign driving license, provided it is written in French or accompanied by an official translation.

What are the best spots to discover in a van in Corsica?

The experts at our van rental agency in Corsica particularly recommend the Piana calanches, Cap Corse at Nonza, and the Agriates Desert.

What equipment is included in the rental vans?

Your rental van comes equipped with kitchen utensils and crockery, leveling blocks, an extension cord, a gas bottle, and a user manual.

What are the parking options for vans in Corsica?

Wild camping is prohibited in Corsica. Therefore, you can go to campgrounds and motorhome parking areas. The Park4Night app helps you find a place to park and sleep.

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