Converted van rental Strasbourg - Adventure and discovery in Alsace

Discover the charm of Strasbourg and the enchanting wonders of Alsace through van exploration. From cobblestone streets steeped in history to picturesque landscapes, renting a van in Strasbourg offers unparalleled freedom. Join AVIS explore as we unveil expert tips for an unforgettable Strasbourg experience.

Location of van in Strasbourg: Your gateway to explore Alsace

Do you want to hit the road with your fitted van to discover the hidden beauties of Strasbourg? It's a prime destination for all adventurers seeking freedom. With its cobblestone streets steeped in history and its numerous picturesque faces, renting a fitted van in Strasbourg is an ideal choice. At AVIS explore, we share our savvy tips to make this Strasbourg experience unique and unforgettable!

Why rent a van in Strasbourg?

Have you always wanted to visit Alsace? Strasbourg is the ideal starting point for a unique immersion in the region.

Moreover, renting a van offers you total freedom to visit places with peace of mind. No need to adhere to a precise booking calendar. Behind the wheel of your fitted van, you go where you want and as much as you want!

Discover Alsace through an authentic travel experience.



Discovering Alsace in a fitted van

Traveling in a fitted van allows you to experience a fantastic adventure, whether with family or friends.

You will have the opportunity to discover Alsace in a unique and magical way.

Don't hesitate to stop at the most mythical places in the region!

The Alsace wine route

Explore the winding roads through the region's vineyards. Each turn reveals a new grape variety to taste in a charming wine setting. You will be delighted both by the taste and the sight, thanks to the idyllic setting.

Adventure in the Vosges regional natural park

This preserved place will transport you into a world of wild beauty. Its enchanting forests and shimmering lakes will give you the opportunity to discover a very rich fauna and flora. Not to mention its peaks to climb, offering you a beautiful hike and, once you arrive, breathtaking panoramas!

Colmar and its surroundings

It's an Alsatian gem that will charm you at first sight. You won't resist its typical authentic charm, with its colorful half-timbered houses and lively squares. Immerse yourself in the Petite Venise, soak up its history, and taste local delights in authentic traditional taverns.

Behind the wheel of your fitted van, nothing stops you. We highly recommend exploring the surroundings of Colmar, especially Ribeauvillé and Riquewihr, medieval villages and their rich historical heritage.

Practical tips for renting a van in Strasbourg

For renting a van in Strasbourg, we advise you to:

  • book in advance for optimal preparation of your stay;
  • choose the fitted van that best suits your needs;
  • know all the checks to be made on the vehicle;
  • think about the perfect itinerary for a complete and unique visit to Alsace.


1. What documents are required to rent a van in Strasbourg?

For renting a van in Strasbourg, you will need a driver's license (with 3 years of experience), proof of the driver's address, and a deposit (€1,000 or €1,400).

2. Can you cross borders with a van rented in Strasbourg?

Yes, you can enter all EU countries (except Romania and Bulgaria) as well as Switzerland and Norway.

3. What are the advantages of choosing Strasbourg to rent a fitted van?

The main advantage is being able to rent a van closest to your destination while opening doors to the Black Forest, the Vosges, etc.

4. Are there parking restrictions for fitted vans in Alsace?

Alsace being part of France, it is subject to the same usual regulations.

5. How to ensure the best van travel experience from Strasbourg?

The important thing is to plan your itinerary, prioritizing the sites that truly appeal to you. Also, don't plan too ambitious stages and above all, take the time to discover the region. Van travels are full of beautiful surprises!

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