Travel diary: visit Switzerland in a motorhome

You feel like taking a peaceful break while traveling the roads of Switzerland in a motorhome? At AVIS explore, we've got you covered! Benefit from our expert advice, as well as a complete 3-day itinerary to discover the must-see places in Switzerland. Live a memorable experience through breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and authentic alpine ambiance. Buckle up, we're heading to Switzerland in a motorhome!

Discovering Switzerland in a motorhome

Switzerland is a true Alpine jewel, making it a dream destination for all motorhome travelers seeking a unique experience.

From its snow-capped peaks to its crystal-clear lakes, you'll be mesmerized at every turn of your journey.

As you traverse winding roads, you'll come across well-preserved medieval villages. There, time seems to stand still. You'll also have the pleasure of exploring perched castles and magnificent hiking trails. Not to mention the culinary delights of the region that will delight your taste buds.

Switzerland in a motorhome promises you a stay filled with freedom amidst a mountainous atmosphere.

If you're looking for a comprehensive journey, The Grand Tour of Switzerland is perfect for you. This 1,643 km circuit includes 46 iconic Swiss locations, 22 lakes, alpine passes, and nearly 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites!

Alternatively, at AVIS explore, we've crafted a 3-day itinerary aboard a motorhome for you.

3-Day motorhome itinerary

Thanks to the 3-day motorhome circuit in Switzerland we've prepared for you at AVIS explore, you won't soon forget this beautiful experience!

Day 1: Geneva and its highlights.

Your road trip begins in the heart of Switzerland: Geneva.

Located on the shores of the majestic Lake Geneva, you can stroll along the banks while admiring its sparkling waters, with the Alps in the background. A guaranteed breathtaking panorama! You can't miss the famous Jet d'Eau, the tallest in the world, reaching 140 meters in height.

Continue your visit by wandering the cobbled streets of the old town, where the Saint-Pierre Cathedral and its imposing columns proudly stand. Take a detour to the numerous museums to immerse yourself in art, history, and science.

Finally, enjoy a little shopping in the luxury boutiques and savor a good coffee in the heart of Geneva's picturesque squares.

Day 2: Gruyères, Lucerne, and Mount Pilatus.

Your journey through Switzerland in a motorhome continues with a first stop in the town of Gruyères.

It's a true medieval gem, nestled in the canton of Fribourg. Here, you'll discover the timeless charm of the pedestrian city and its cobbled streets. Of course, in the town of Gruyères, you can't miss tasting the famous AOP holed cheese that bears its name, the symbol of the region!

We also recommend visiting the Gruyères Castle, the second most visited in Switzerland.

Then, have lunch in a traditional restaurant with a thousand culinary delights, and indulge in a chocolate treat in one of the local chocolate shops.

Next, hit the road in your Swiss motorhome and head to Lucerne, home to the Transport Museum, a fascinating place. This museum takes you through the evolution of transportation, from bicycles to airplanes.

Finally, thanks to a unique cable car ride, venture up Mount Pilatus, a natural wonder that fascinates travelers from around the world!


Day 3: Fribourg, the pearl of Switzerland.

Finish your Swiss adventure beautifully with a visit to the city of Fribourg, renowned as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Immerse yourself in its rich secular heritage: a unique journey by funicular. You'll have the opportunity to admire the view of this city and its hidden treasures.

Also, don't miss the majestic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and its colorful stained glass windows, as well as its observation platform offering a magnificent panorama of Fribourg.

Finally, dive into the lively atmosphere of the Town Hall Square.

Practical tips for traveling by motorhome in Switzerland

For a smooth road trip in Switzerland, here are some practical tips to know.

First, when you arrive at the border between France and Switzerland by motorhome, you must purchase a vignette to be able to travel freely throughout the country, which


  • 40 Swiss francs for one year – about 38 € - for a motorhome weighing less than one ton;
  • 38 € for 3 weeks for a motorhome weighing over 3.5 tons.

Since the legislation is very strict in Switzerland, be careful to park your motorhome in dedicated spots. It's difficult to find them outside motorhome areas, so don't hesitate to download Park4Nights, an app that will help you find the ideal spot or get yourself a Michelin guide.

Moreover, there are many installed radars, and fines (called "impaires") are quickly given out. We recommend fully respecting all Swiss regulations.

As for the locals, Swiss people are very courteous and understanding behind the wheel!

Finally, the electric current is the same as in France, 220 Volts, but the sockets are different. When you arrive at a Swiss motorhome area, they will provide you with them.

Motorhome experience in Switzerland

As explained above, for a serene motorhome stay in Switzerland, follow all applicable regulations, especially regarding traffic.

Regarding parking, it's not easy to find many dedicated spots, apart from motorhome areas.

That being said, you can still experience a night with the nearest host using the Homecamper app.

Finally, for the last night of our proposed 3-day travel itinerary, you'll fall in love with the Huttopia campsite, nestled in the heart of a forest, on the border of French-speaking Switzerland.


What documents are required to cross the Swiss border by motorhome?

In addition to the usual documents to rent a motorhome at AVIS explore (valid ID, proof of address, driver's license for over 3 years, and insurance), you'll need to purchase a vignette at the border allowing you to travel in Switzerland.

What are the best times of the year to visit Switzerland by motorhome?

It depends on your preferences. Switzerland can be visited in any season, depending on the activities you want to do (choose winter for unique skiing experiences and spring to visit iconic and historical places!).

Where can I find motorhome areas in Switzerland and how can I book?

To find motorhome areas in Switzerland, you can:

You'll be able to book directly from the desired motorhome area's website.

What are the driving rules to follow in Switzerland with a motorhome?

In Switzerland, regulations are very strict, so it's crucial to follow the driving rules with a motorhome such as:

  • speed limits (80 km/h on roads and 100 km/h on highways);
  • mandatory seatbelt for all vehicle occupants;
  • prohibition to overtake a vehicle over 3.5 tons on certain narrow mountain roads;
  • requirement to have a warning triangle and reflective vest on board the motorhome;
  • prohibition of certain oversized vehicles on certain mountain roads;
  • checking authorized parking spots for motorhomes.

What are the recommended activities and attractions during a motorhome trip in Switzerland?

Many activities and attractions are feasible in Switzerland such as mountain hikes, historical and cultural visits, tasting culinary specialties, and numerous scenic routes!

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