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2-Person motorhome rental: romantic escape or adventure with friends

Whether you're craving a romantic getaway or want to share an adventure with your best friend, why not opt for a 2-person motorhome rental? It's the perfect opportunity to feel closer to your partner or friend while enjoying a unique and unforgettable experience. Discover all the benefits of a 2-person motorhome rental at AVIS explore.

Why choose a 2-person motorhome rental?

Renting a 2-person motorhome promises an unmatched travel experience.

It's the perfect time to rekindle relationships by sharing a true adventure. Regardless of the  chosen itinerary, you'll have the chance to discover real cultural jewels along your route and breathtaking panoramas.

Enjoy beautiful moments of intimacy in your mobile oasis. Plus, you live at your own pace, without any booking schedules to adhere to: isn't that the definition of freedom?

And of course, at AVIS explore, adventure comes with comfort!

Features and equipment of the 2-person motorhome

Who said that going on an adventure had to mean living wildly?

Indeed, at AVIS explore, our2-person motorhomes are equipped with all the furniture necessary for your comfort. Our goal? To make this romantic or friendly getaway a memory etched forever in your mind.

Thus, in our vehicles, you will find:

  • a fully equipped kitchen powered by solar panels, to whip up meals even in the midst of nature;
  • a comfortable lounge area;
  • a shower room.

In short, you enjoy comfort combined with a beautiful motorhome escape for two.

Benefits of renting a 2-person motorhome

Renting a 2-person motorhome allows you to enjoy true freedom-the kind that comes from not being tied to any traditional lodging.

There's no need to stick to a strict itinerary or schedule. Behind the wheel of your mobile ally, you finally know the luxury of living at your own pace.

Finally, you experience immersion in nature, perfect for refreshing both body and mind.

Freedom and flexibility of travel

As explained earlier, renting a motorhome allows you to travel in a free and much more flexible manner.

Spotted a little gem to visit on the road? Nothing stops you from adapting your itinerary for this impromptu discovery.

Also, contrary to what you might think, there are numerous places to park your vehicle overnight. For this, there are very handy apps, like Park4Night, CaraMaps, or even paper guides.

Comfort and intimacy

Moreover, the motorhome provides a true bubble of comfort and intimacy, perfect for strengthening bonds, whether with a partner or a friend.

You enjoy quality time for two while living an unforgettable experience. An adventure that will mark you for a long time.

Ideas for Itineraries for your motorhome trip for two

If you're short on inspiration, know that our entire AVIS explore team is expert in adventure, just look at the numerous dream itineraries we offer!

For example, you might:

  • follow the French Riviera and its beautiful sandy beaches;
  • travel the famous Alsace Wine Route;
  • experience the magic of the Scottish Highlands and its mysterious castles.

FAQ on renting a motorhome for two people

1. What is the average cost of renting a 2-person motorhome?

Rates depend on various factors, but expect approximately:

  • 700 €/week in mid-season;
  • 1,000 €/week in summer.

2. Are 2-person motorhomes difficult to drive?

Our motorhomes are comfortable to drive. After a short period of adjustment, you'll quickly become a pro! Moreover, if it's your first time, AVIS explore helps you get acquainted with your motorized ally right here.

Remember, regardless of size, all our vehicles can be driven with a B license. However, you must have over 3 years of driving experience and be over 23 years old.

3. Can you cross European borders with a rented motorhome?

When renting a 2-person motorhome from AVIS explore, you can travel to all countries of the European Union-except Romania and Bulgaria-including Switzerland and Norway.

4. What accessories are provided with the rental of a motorhome for two?

Each vehicle comes with:

  • leveling blocks;
  • an adapter and an extension cord;
  • a water jerry can;
  • user manual;
  • dishes;
  • a gas bottle;
  • welcome kit.

5. How to book a 2-person motorhome rental?

Want to rent a motorhome for two people? We advise you to approach one of our agencies or prepare your trip directly on our website!

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Discover our Deals

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