The advantages of renting a motorhome with unlimited mileage

To relax as much as possible during your vacation, it is better not to have to ask too many questions, starting with the limit of kilometers traveled. By choosing an unlimited mileage motorhome rental from AVIS explore, you will not have to worry about journeys between the different destinations that interest you. Wherever you go, you will not exceed the allowed distance.

Choosing unlimited mileage with AVIS explore is choosing freedom

When you go on vacation in a motorhome, it is a priori that you want to see the landscape. This means of transport is particularly practical and flexible. Better not to be limited by a maximum number of kilometers. The ideal solution? Bid on a motorhome rental with unlimited mileage. You will enjoy maximum freedom and be able to go where you want, but also change your initial plans on a whim.

Choosing unlimited mileage makes sense when you want to go on more distant expeditions: go to the North Cape to see the Northern Lights, go surfing in Portugal, discover legendary Austrian passes, go rafting in Slovenia...

At AVIS explore, you have many different vehicles to choose from depending on your needs and budget. Several agencies are present in France, notably in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon or Strasbourg, so that you can easily find the one closest to you. The unlimited mileage option costs 20% of the amount of your motorhome rental, with a minimum of €250.

The possibility of discovering many places

Thanks to the rental of motorhomes with unlimited mileage, you can easily explore France, but also other countries, with maximum comfort and freedom. Our many agencies, located throughout the territory, offer various starting points to get you where you want. For example, depart from Nantes, explore Brittany by visiting Saint-Malo and Dinard, but also the peninsula of Plougastel or Morbihan. You can also go to Normandy to stroll on the port of Deauville or stroll on the beach of Cabourg. Do you live in Lyon? So take the opportunity to discover the Alps and take superb hikes in the Parc des Écrins. From Marseille, you can go kayaking or canyoning in the Gorges du Verdon, a place where the landscapes are breathtaking. The foreigner reaches out to you, especially Italy from our agency in Nice to visit Milan, Venice, but also Rome or Florence.

The unlimited mileage motorhome rental option is ideal to allow you to follow all your desires and go where you want. You can make detours, change programs at the last minute, or even add stages to your itinerary, without fear of consequences on the budget of your trip. You enjoy total freedom, without any constraints.

And unlimited mileage is the perfect way to follow the Rugby World Cup in France in 2023: you'll be able to follow all the matches in every town in France without worrying about the miles you drive!