Travel diary: visit Italy by motorhome

Discovering Italy in a motorhome is a wonderful idea! If you are not already in love with Italy, you will be! This cradle of civilization is full of magnificent landscapes, majestic cities and has a unique art of living. Want to prepare your trip to Italy? Here are three suggested itineraries departing from our AVIS explore rental agency in Nice, Marseille or Montpellier. Andiamo!

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Destination 1: Focus on Dolomites

If you are looking for a vacation that combines gastronomy, heritage and marvelous landscapes, traveling through northern Italy in a motorhome is an excellent choice. Live the Dolce Vita in contact with Italian HomeCamper hosts and you will be delighted.

Among the splendors that Italy offers in motorhomes, the Dolomites region (listed as World Heritage by UNESCO), is a very popular destination for motorhomes. The Italian mountains close to the Austrian border offer surreal landscapes, completely different from the rest of Italy. Axelle and Antonin fell in love:

  • From the incredible Lac de Braies in which the mountain is reflected;
  • Lake Carezza and its fascinating emerald green color;
  • From the small church of San Giovanni to Santa Maddalena;
  • The beauty of the panoramas;
  • Milan, the unmissable capital of fashion and design, will seduce you with its history, its richness and its energy.
  • Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands to enjoy exceptional landscapes.


A few tips for your road trip in the Dolomites by motorhome:

  • When driving, be extra careful. The natives sometimes have a sporty driving style. If they are used to winding mountain roads, you may not be. Axelle and Antonin sometimes had to revise their itinerary. Certain stretches of road seemed too dangerous to them in a motorhome.
  • The climate of the Dolomites can hold some surprises for you. Storms are often violent. Go in September instead to avoid rain and snow. You will spend less time inside your motorhome.
  • To find parking areas, see the Park4night app.

Throughout your road trip, the application of the Park4night travel community guides you in choosing your motorhome areas in Italy.

Discover through the following video the adventures of Axelle, Antonin and their little pet in the Dolomites:

Destination 2: Venice by motorhome


Visiting Northern Italy in a motorhome without going through Venice is impossible, as its historical and cultural richness is extraordinary. A bus can take you to the vaporetto pier to visit the city of the Doges:

  • Saint Mark's Basilica, its square, the Doge's Palace and the famous Bridge of Sighs;
  • The Burano and Murano Islands, famous for their colorful houses and world famous crystal;
  • A gondola ride at sunset for the most romantic;
  • A break at Café Florian, to taste the famous Zaletti, sip a spritz or enjoy a good risotto.

Discovering Venice becomes a magical moment of your journey. After your visits to the famous city, stop at Camping Venezia Village to rest and spend the night.

Destination 3: Florence and Tuscany by motorhome

When you take the road to Italy in a motorhome, go inland after the city of Pisa. Lose yourself in the Tuscan countryside adorned with Chianti vineyards and centuries-old olive trees.

Discover the majestic city of Florence, cradle of the Renaissance. The city of Medici hides many architectural treasures. Stroll through the narrow streets and keep your eyes open! You will be dazzled by:

  • The magnificence of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore;
  • The Ponte Vecchio;
  • The Uffizi Gallery;
  • Palazzo Vecchio.

To visit Florence by motorhome, park in one of the following areas:


Destination 4: Rome by motorhome

Stop in the capital during your tour of Italy by motorhome. Marvel at:

  • The Coliseum ;
  • The Sistine Chapel ;
  • St. Peter's Basilica;
  • The Roman forum.

Don't forget to make a wish by tossing a few pennies into the Trevi Fountain!

Tip to know for your stay in Rome by motorhome:

It is impossible to park in the city without permission. The fine is hefty, so don't venture there! Stay with locals at the gates of the capital. or stay at a parking lot like:


Destination 5: Naples by motorhome

If you go through southern Italy by motorhome. Why not succumb to the charms of the Neapolitan city, the time of an excursion? Bewitching, the city actually has something to attract you, despite the clichés that stick to its skin.

If you are in love with artistic heritage and vestiges, you can even stay there for several days. The city is full of masterpieces like:

  • The Royal Palace ;
  • The National Archaeological Museum;
  • Zevallos Palace;
  • San Gennaro Cathedral.

Practical advice for discovering Naples by motorhome:

  • Take the time to taste one of the most popular local specialties: the famous napoletana pizza!

  • Visit safely! Several motorhome areas are available, such as the one located at 121, via Guantai Orslona.

  • Admire the island of Capri and Vesuvius.

Destination 6: Puglia by motorhome

Puglia by motorhome is one of the enchanting destinations. Along the Adriatic coast, you will cross roads with Mediterranean decor, valleys and charming fishing villages. The pleasures offered by a motorhome trip in Italy are multiple:

  • the white sandy beaches by the Adriatic Sea;
  • the trails of the Gargano natural park;
  • the medieval town of Veste built on a rocky promontory;
  • the Polignano a Mare on the side of the cliff, a sure favourite.

Tips from motorhome operators to travel in Italy:

  • spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel around Italy in a motorhome;
  • Italian motorways are limited to 100 km / h;
  • there are many motorhome areas in Italy, free or paid, for parking outside the cities.
  • Be careful with the “Zona à traffico Limitato” (ZTL). These are indicated by a sign on the outskirts of the city center, but are not always very visible. Traffic is generally allowed to public transport and residents. These areas are sometimes accessible during certain hours of the day. Cameras record all license plates that enter it. Be careful, the fine is around 300 euros!

Italy in a motorhome is an open-air paradise that it would be a shame to miss out on. Renting your motorhome in France with Avis Car Away is a guarantee of reliability and quality. Discover our rental offers on our AVIS explore website.

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