Travel diary : the Verdon Canyon by motorhome

Are you ready to go to the Verdon Canyon in a camper van? Today, we follow Axelle, Antonin and their little cat in their first experience of a travelling holiday. They set off on a month-long road trip in a Bavaria AVIS explore Class B motorhome and head for Lake Sainte-Croix. Are you coming along? 

Why go to the Verdon Canyon in a motorhome?

This is an ideal destination to recharge your batteries in the fresh air. In this magical place, you wake up with nature in its raw state as your only setting.

Keep your eyes wide open! Marvel at Europe's largest canyon during your motorhome tour of the Verdon Gorge.

Park a little further away at one of the motorhome parks in the Verdon Gorge. Admire the cliffs and the river below. Are you a thrill-seeker? This river invites you to canyoning.


Our recommendation for a tour of the Verdon gorges in a motor home

Accompanied by their four-legged animal, Axelle and Antonin had planned their road trip. Here is their tour in the Verdon Canyon by motorhome:

  • Castellane
  • Rougon ;
  • La Palud-sur-Verdon ;
  • Aiguine ;
  • The lake of Sainte-Croix ;
  • Moustiers-Sainte-Marie.

 The young couple were apprehensive about meeting other vehicles on the way, as the roads were narrow. However, they had no trouble driving to the Lac de Sainte-Croix in their motorhome.
Tip for your tour: During your stay in the Gorges du Verdon by motorhome, honk your horn to confirm your presence on the bends.

Focus on the Sainte-Croix lake: a jewel to explore! 

The Sainte-Croix lake is a must-see if you are touring the Verdon gorges in a motorhome. Take a break at the motor home area of the Sainte-Croix lake.

You are in front of a postcard setting! Drive along the Sainte-Croix lake in a motor home. Then melt into the scenery on a walking tour. Several water sports centres also offer the following activities:

  • Padal boats
  • Kayaking ;
  • Canoeing;
  • Boating.

What to visit nearby? After leaving the motorhome area at Lac de Sainte-Croix, make a stop in Moustiers-Sainte-Marie. You'll fall under its spell!

Where can you find motorhome parks in the Gorges du Verdon? 

During your stay in the Gorges du Verdon by motorhome, book your nights with Home Camper.

Our two adventurers also used the Park4night app to find motorhome parks in the Verdon Gorge, in :

  • Regusse ;
  • Moustiers-Sainte-Marie ;
  • Les Salles-sur-Verdon;
  • Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon.

How much does a night's stay cost? Count on about twenty euros for an overnight stay at the motorhome area at the Sainte-Croix lake.
Your trip in the Verdon gorges by motorhome is coming to an end. You now know everything about the trip and the motorhome areas in the region. Would you like to discover the Verdon gorges and in particular the Sainte-Croix lake by motorhome? What are you waiting for to rent a vehicle from your AVIS explore agency

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