Father's Day: Adventure Awaits with AVIS explore


Offer your dad an extraordinary experience with a rented AVIS explore van. Picture him embarking on a unique journey, in the heart of nature. Instead of a traditional gift, opt for the rental of a rolling home and embark on a unique adventure, full of freedom. In this article, AVIS explore shares all its tips for an unprecedented Father's Day in a converted van!

A van journey: the ultimate gift for adventurous dads

Offering a converted van journey for Father's Day is much more than just a material gift. It's offering your dad an experience that nourishes his soul and spirit.

Thanks to this original idea, you allow him to escape from everyday life, explore new horizons, and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

It's the perfect gift for adventurous dads, always seeking novelty.

But it's also an excellent idea to reconnect with Mother Nature and strengthen your blood ties on a meaningful journey. You will emerge from this journey more united than ever!

Must-visit destinations for Father's Day

There are numerous destination ideas to surprise your dad. Feel free to select a location that matches his personality:

  • If he's an experienced hiker, venture into the majestic mountains of the French Alps to enjoy breathtaking panoramas and beautiful nights under the stars.
  • For wine enthusiasts, the Burgundy wine region is ideal for discovering great vineyards and tasting characterful wines in picturesque villages.
  • If your father enjoys cultural visits, explore the roads of Provence, filled with lavender, and discover emblematic historical sites in this splendid sunny region.
  • For a complete getaway, head to Tuscany and immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of its medieval hilltop villages and rolling vineyards!
  • You can also travel along the Atlantic coast to feel the powerful sea spray on the beaches while enjoying seafood in charming typical coastal villages.

If you lack inspiration to prepare a unique van journey for Father's Day, don't hesitate to contact our travel planner! This option will help you create a tailor-made stay that meets all your dad's tastes.

Organizing a memorable van getaway

The itinerary is one thing, but for a memorable van getaway for Father's Day, AVIS explore shares other tips.

It's all about choices

For a surprise trip without a hitch, everything depends on a series of choices, to be made according to your dad's tastes and desires:

Personalizing the journey: make it unique

Finally, to make this stay unique and perfect, don't hesitate to personalize it to the maximum.

For example, prepare a playlist with all his favorite songs to accompany you on the road.

Or include activities he loves:

  • Surprise tasting of local products;
  • Fishing;
  • Bike tour;
  • Picnic by the water;
  • Hiking in a national park;
  • Kayaking;
  • Decorate the van with family photos and objects;
  • etc.


1. What type of van or motorhome is recommended for a Father's Day gift?

The choice of the ideal converted van depends on various specific criteria: how many people in total, fuel consumption, and the desired comfort level.

2. Can you offer a gift voucher for a future rental with AVIS explore?

At AVIS explore, there are no gift vouchers, but it is possible to offer a road trip box which includes:

  • A personalized travel diary (4 or 7 days) created by our travel planner;
  • A voucher of €78 or €136.5 for the rental of a converted van or motorhome.

3. How can you ensure a comfortable experience for dads who are novices in van travel?

At AVIS explore, we are committed to making your stay the best possible. That's why all our vehicles are both ergonomic and very comfortable. Plus, if it's your first experience, our teams are here to help.

4. Are there any special equipment recommended for Father's Day trips?

Note that equipment is automatically included in a converted van. But if you need additional items, we offer a list of accessories and services that you can rent in addition.