Mother's Day: Give her the adventure with AVIS explore

Celebrate Mother's Day uniquely and step off the beaten path by offering her a memorable experience through a campervan or RV trip. Because the best adventures are those shared, create unforgettable memories and reconnect with your mom. At AVIS Explore, we share all our tips for a successful and unique Mother's Day gift!

Why a van trip is the perfect gift?

Forget for a moment the traditional gift like a bouquet of flowers or chocolates and aim for the moon for your moment. After all, the best gift is to offer a life experience rather than a material object, isn't it?

For Mother's Day this year, be inspired and give yourself the opportunity to share a precious memory that will remain engraved in your hearts forever.

Behind the wheel of a campervan or RV, you're concocting a personalized adventure where your mom can immerse herself in nature and discover hidden treasures. It will also be an opportunity to share emotionally intense moments and strengthen family bonds.

Because, in an adventure, we're never short of beautiful surprises along the way.

Forget for a few days the daily grind and give your mother a moment of peace that you will cherish for the rest of your lives!

Ideas for memorable gift destinations

Not sure where to take your mom for this memorable gift? Choose according to her tastes:

  • Does she enjoy walks by the water and the sea breeze? The Atlantic coast offers beautiful sandy beaches and highly renowned surfing spots for its breathtaking waves.
  • If she's a hiking enthusiast, the Gorges du Verdon will immerse you in the turquoise waters of Europe's largest canyon, its numerous trails to explore, and its breathtaking panoramas.
  • Perhaps she prefers cultural visits; in that case, take your mom on a tour of the Loire Valley castles and their lush gardens!
  • For wine enthusiasts, don't hesitate to travel the winding roads of the Burgundy wine region to discover the most famous family-owned wineries, such as Chardonnay or Pinot Noir! Feel free to stop in quaint villages for a total change of scenery.

Tips for planning the perfect van getaway

Want this campervan getaway for Mother's Day to be a success? Here are some tips from AVIS Explore.

Prepare the surprise effect well

To organize the perfect campervan or RV trip for your mom, it's important to select the ideal vehicle. For that, think carefully about the total number of people, the level of comfort, or even the essential equipment for your stay.

If you have doubts, take a look at our guide that helps you prepare your trip well.

Once the rolling house is selected, it's time to think about the perfect itinerary. For this, take into account destinations that will please your mom and the activities she enjoys the most.

Finally, keep this plan secret until D-day. You will have the privilege of seeing her face light up when revealing this unique Mother's Day gift of its kind.

Personalize your gift: Add a special touch

The perfect surprise lies in the little details.

For example, prepare a playlist of all her favorite songs to accompany you every kilometer of your special Mother's Day road trip!

Also, during your journey, include stops at special places in your mom's heart: her childhood home, the places she loves, or those she has always wanted to visit.

Finally, don't hesitate to decorate the campervan with special touches, like family photos, flowers, or inspirational quotes full of love. This will create a real warm and festive bubble.

All these little attentions turn this escapade into a true family experience.


1. How to choose the ideal van/RV for a Mother's Day gift?

Choosing the perfect campervan or RV for Mother's Day depends on various factors (number of people, comfort level, fuel consumption, etc.).

2. Is it possible to book a surprise trip with AVIS explore?

Of course, our AVIS Explore team will be happy to assist you in preparing this magical trip with your mom.

3. What are the customization options for the trip?

You will find all our additional services and equipment right here.

4. Do you have tips for first van/RV trips?

Is this campervan getaway for Mother's Day your first? We have prepared various guides for you, such as how to quickly get used to your campervan or what to pack in your suitcases.