Camper van rental with unlimited mileage

Go wherever you want thanks to the unlimited mileage of your rental vehicle. You will no longer need to calculate the mileage of your route. For holidays or a weekend, make the choice of freedom.

Camper van rental with unlimited mileage: what is it, exactly?

This option allows you to free yourself from the limit of kilometers imposed on the rental of your vehicle. It is available on all Avis explore camper van rentals.

For example, our weekend rental rates include a maximum of 600 kilometres: additional kilometers are subject to a surcharge. With unlimited mileage, you no longer have to worry about these details. This option will only cost you an extra 20%, with a minimum of €250.

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The benefits of camper van rental with unlimited km

Go as far as you want, leaving room for the thousand and one desires that will arise along the way. If you leave unexpectedly, build your itinerary according to your desires. Each crossroads offers new possibilities: what if you change your destination on a whim? You could invite your family to join you on board, or drop by some friends you haven't seen in a while.

The camper van rental with unlimited mileage offers you:

  • great freedom of movement;
  • unlimited flexibility to plan your route.

Tips for preparing your camper van trip

Before your trip or on the go, here are all the little preparations that can be useful to you.

  • Choose your destinations: set sail for the destination of your dreams. But also take a look around to glean some ideas for improvised getaways…
  • Plan your stopovers: find out about the available infrastructure, book a campsite or find pretty places to stop for the night.
  • Book your activities: if you have any doubts about the key activities of your trip, do not hesitate to book them.

With a van rental equipped with unlimited mileage, everything is possible. You have nothing to lose by slipping into your luggage a good sweater, a raincoat, sunscreen and a swimsuit. Who knows: on the way to skiing, wouldn't a stop in a mountain spa be welcome?

Ideas for itineraries achievable thanks to the rental of a fitted van with unlimited mileage

You are free: it's up to you to shape your itinerary according to your desires of the moment, or to plan long road trips in advance.

Embark on a tour of Brittany to discover, in a few days: the Gulf of Morbihan, the forest of Brocéliande, the Pointe du Raz and the Pink Granite Coasts. Then, head for Mont-Saint-Michel and Normandy.

On holiday in the Alps, jump across the border to discover the green landscapes of Switzerland. While you're there, why not cross the Italian border as well and go down to Florence?

At the bend of the alleys of Aix-en-Provence, the sudden desire takes you to see marmots frolicking on the slopes of the Alps. Never mind: the road is waiting for you.

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