Discover the Bardenas Desert

Embark on an unforgettable adventure exploring the Bardenas Desert in a motorhome from our AVIS explore agency in Toulouse. The Bardenas Reales is a real natural gem, nestled in the heart of the Navarre region, Spain. It never fails to captivate travelers eager for escape. Classified as a "Biosphere Reserve" by UNESCO, this desert evokes a world apart, where nature shapes landscapes of raw and breathtaking beauty. So, are you ready to be enchanted by the magic of the Bardenas Desert in a motorhome? Buckle up, the adventure starts here!


Introduction to the Bardenas reales desert

The Bardenas Reales Desert, which covers nearly 42,500 hectares, is a true marvel of nature.

It must be said that it is the second largest desert in Europe, just after the Tabernas Desert in Andalusia.

What makes the Bardenas so unique are the extraordinary geological formations, shaped by millions of years of erosion. Composed of soils rich in clay, gypsum, and sandstone, these whimsical landscapes immerse you in a quasi-lunar universe, where ravines, plateaus, and hills rise majestically.

But the Bardenas Reales will not only enchant you with their unique visuals. As a Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO, they harbor unsuspected biological richness. Rare plant and animal species, adapted to these extreme conditions, have made their home in this semi-arid desert. It's an ecosystem as fragile as it is fascinating, where every plant and animal plays a crucial role in the ecological balance.

As you explore the different areas of the Bardenas, from north to south, you will discover surprising diversity:

  • El Plano, at the extreme north, where cultivated lands contrast with less pronounced reliefs.
  • Bardena Blanca, the most photographed and visited area of the park, where iconic formations such as Pisquerra and Castildetierra stand.
  • Bardena Negra, further south, where vegetation takes up more space and offers a palette of contrasting colors.

Accessible to all vehicles, as long as they stay on marked trails, exploring the Bardenas Desert in a motorhome is an unforgettable experience for all adventure enthusiasts.

Two official circuits – indicated on the map available at the information point – guide you through these enchanting landscapes.

Whether you opt for self-guided or guided exploration, you will undoubtedly be seduced by the enchantment of the Bardenas Reales, where every turn holds its share of surprises and wonder.

Moreover, at AVIS explore, we highly recommend climbing Alto de Aguilares, a fantastic natural balcony. This offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Bardena Blanca.

It's a perfect starting point for a total immersion in this enchanting desert!

Plan your motorhome adventure in the Bardenas desert with AVIS explore

Are you dreaming of an itinerary in the Bardenas Desert by motorhome that combines freedom and safety? With AVIS explore, turn your getaway into a unique adventure.

Depending on your level of experience, you have the choice between a circuit:

And that's not all, we can also help you find parking areas nearby, such as in Tudela for example, or campsites where you can spend the night, like at Camping Bardenas.

It should be noted that it is prohibited to park overnight in the desert to sleep!

Unmissable experiences in the Bardenas desert by motorhome

There are many places not to be missed in the Bardenas Desert. Believe us, the activities are numerous. You'll be amazed!

  1. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and clear views of the surrounding landscapes of El Plano, the northern part of the desert. It is characterized by cultivated lands and less pronounced reliefs, making it ideal for a gentle first exploration.
  2. Immerse yourself in the essence of the Bardenas in this iconic area of the Bardena Blanca. Walk along the marked trails and let yourself be amazed by spectacular rock formations, such as the famous Castildetierra, which has served as a backdrop for many films.
  3. Go hiking through the different trails of the Bardena Blanca to observe rare bird species that populate the "Rincón del Bú" and "Caídas de la Negra" areas. You will certainly come across golden eagles, vultures, or even slender-billed curlews.
  4. Explore the Bardena Negra, to the south of the desert, to discover more abundant vegetation, contrasting with the arid landscapes of other parts of the desert. You can walk through shaded trails and admire the richness of the surrounding flora and fauna. You will have the opportunity to see foxes, wild cats, and some amphibians!

Around the Bardenas desert by motorhome

After exploring the wonders of the Bardenas Desert by motorhome, take the wheel of your rolling home and head towards the cultural and natural gems nearby such as:

  • Tudela, the capital of the Ribera, rich in history and culture in Spain. Stroll through its picturesque streets and admire the imposing buildings, witnesses of a unique cultural mix! Don't miss the cathedral, the remains of the mosque, or the palaces of the Marquis of San Andrian and Huarte. For beauty lovers, there is also the Munoz Sola Museum of Modern Art. Finally, take to the heights by climbing the Montréal tower and enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.
  • Pamplona, the capital of Navarre, is a historic city famous for its San Fermín festivals. Immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere and discover its medieval ramparts. Don't hesitate to visit iconic monuments like the cathedral of Santa María la Real, a magnificent Gothic temple.

Do you have the soul of an adventurer and want to push your journey even further?

At AVIS explore, we recommend extending your motorhome adventure by heading to Portugal to discover the beauty of the landscapes along the Atlantic coast.

You can also cross Spain through Salamanca, then make a stop in Porto and Lisbon for an immersion in Portuguese culture.

Finally, it is possible to explore in detail the Southwest of France and the Spanish Basque Country. On the agenda, vineyards, medieval villages, green landscapes, and sandy beaches. Not to mention unique culinary traditions that will delight your taste buds!


What is the best time to visit the Bardenas Desert?

Spring and autumn offer ideal weather conditions for visiting the Bardenas Desert by motorhome. The temperatures are milder, and there are fewer tourists, guaranteeing total immersion!

Can you freely drive a motorhome in the Bardenas Desert?

In the Bardenas Reales, motorhomes are allowed to drive freely on marked tracks. However, it is forbidden to leave the designated trails.
Furthermore, parking is only allowed in designated areas and specific rest areas. Also, it is prohibited to park overnight in the desert to sleep.
These rules are essential to respect to preserve the fragile ecosystem of this unique and wild place.

What are the accommodation options near the Bardenas Desert?

Since it is not possible to spend the night in the Bardenas Desert itself, you will find parking areas nearby, such as in Tudela. There is even the Camping Bardenas!

How can AVIS explore help me plan my trip to the Bardenas?

Are you lacking inspiration or unsure how to plan your itinerary for a unique trip to the Bardenas? At AVIS explore, you can make use of the Michelin guides.

And if you want a route thought out from A to Z, get in touch with our experts who will offer you a custom travel journal.

Are there any restrictions to be aware of before visiting the Bardenas desert?

Before embarking on the adventure in the Bardenas Desert, note these important points:

  • respect authorized areas and avoid restricted areas to preserve the ecosystem;
  • keep the place clean, respect the surrounding fauna and flora, and follow the marked trails;
  • be prepared for sometimes extreme weather conditions.

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