Discover the Bardenas Desert

Go to the Bardenas desert by motorhome from our Toulouse branch.

The Bardenas Reales Desert, more commonly known as "the Bardenas", is located in the region of Navarra in northern Spain. This natural park, classified as a UNESCO's Biosphere Reserve, is a place with a change of scenery and wild beauty, in short, an ideal destination for a week's holiday in a motorhome! In your rented leisure vehicle, drive the 500 kilometers that separate you from these semi-desert landscapes.

In the heart of the strange red and white desert

The Bardenas Reales Desert covers 42,500 hectares. In terms of surface area, it is the second largest desert in Europe. The first is the Tabernas desert, also Spanish, located in Andalusia. In the Bardenas Reales, the erosion of its soils, rich in clay, gypsum and sandstone, has shaped capricious shapes that transport you into an almost lunar universe, dotted with ravines, plateaus and solitary mounds. The desert has been used as a backdrop for many films and series such as "The World is Not Enough" or "Game of Thrones".



Located just 70 kilometres from thePyrenees  and right next to the second largest city of Navarre, Tudela, there are three distinct zones, from north to south :

  • El Plano located in the extreme north, a sector of cultivated land where the relief is less important.
  • The Bardena Blanca, the most photographed area of the park and the most visited. It is home to the main formations: the Pisquerra and the Castildetierra. The places are sublime, far away from what we are used to see in France. If you have the time to hike, these landscapes will make you live true atypical experiences.
  • The Bardena Negra is the southernmost terrain in the desert. It owes its name to the important afforestation of Aleppo pines and kermes oaks that darkens the landscape.

The Bardenas Desert is accessible to all vehicles, as long as they stay on the marked trails! There are two circuits - official - which are indicated on the map that you will get at the info point: handy because it shows you where the different points of interest. The Bardenas in the camper van, it's possible, so let's take advantage of it!


Observe the desert from the Alto de Aguilares. This fantastic balcony offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Bardena Blanca.

What can you see in and around the Bardenas Desert?

  • The desert itself and its proximity
  • The Alto de Aguilares is a viewpoint from which you can observe the whole Bardena Blanca.
  • The Pilatos Balcony allows you to observe various species of birds of prey living in the desert.
  • Take the opportunity to stop and walk along the Cañada Real de los Roncaleses, where you can observe sheep from the Pyrenees that cross in summer to go south to graze in winter.
  • Visit Castildetierra, the emblematic place of the Bardenas, an essential part of your visit.
  • Bird lovers, visit the Rincón del Bú and Caídas de la Negra areas. They are famous for hosting a multitude of golden eagles, Egyptian and royal vultures, slender-billed curlews and unibande gangas. On the "Caídas de la Negra" you will see foxes, wild cats, amphibians and other reptiles.
  • Visit Tudela, capital of the Ribera. It is one of the most important cities with a Muslim past in Spain and Europe. For 400 years, Muslims, Jews and Christians lived here in perfect harmony and gave the city a cultural mix visible in its monumental buildings. You will be able to visit the magnificent cathedral, the remains of the mosque, but also the palaces of the Marquises of San Adrian and Huarte, as well as the Munoz Sola Museum of Modern Art. Overlooking the city, you will also find the Montreal Tower, a watchtower that offers you a view of the entire city.

Be careful, it is forbidden to park overnight in the desert to sleep there, however, you can park nearby, in Tudela on the parking lots, or at nearby campsites, such as the Bardenas campsite.

On your way from Toulouse, the route by motorway taking you around the Pyrenees, here is what you can do on your way :

  • Take the opportunity to discover the South-West of France and the Spanish Basque Country
  • On your way, stop in the city of Pamplona, a stop on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, but also a true cultural treasure, thanks in part to the Museum of Navarre and the Palace of the Kings of Navarre.
  • Why not going on your road trip to Portugal by motorhome?

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