How much does a Motorhome trip Cost?

Motorhome holidays: the budget to plan

In summary

  • 1. Rent a motorhome from a professional: the right choice
  • 2. The camping-car vacation budget: additional costs

The cost of a motorhome trip varies depending on the context. Planning a motorhome vacation budget is therefore necessary! Consider renting your motorhome from AVIS explore to benefit from a reliable vehicle that has been cleaned in accordance with current health standards. Choose, in a large park, a reliable van or motorhome ready to go on a mop! Follow our recommendations on the expenses to be expected in a 4-wheel house.

1. Rent a motorhome from a professional: the right choice

Renting a motorhome from a professional is the guarantee of going on vacation with a vehicle adapted to the needs of your family. At AVIS explore, you get a motorhome or a van fitted out for:

  • Around 950 € / week for 7 days of rental in high season + 150 km / day included, dishes and standard assistance for a 4-seater Adventure Combi Van.
  • Around € 1,439 / week for a Capucine motorhome with 6 places and the same previous services included.
  • Get promotions all year round.

2. The camping-car vacation budget: additional costs

Are you going in a rented motorhome? Perfect ! Here are now details on the costs of a stay in a motorhome, to make it easier to plan your vacation budget:

  • The cost of fuel: count from 8 to 10 l / 100 km for a van or a converted van, and 12 to 13 l / 100 km for motorhomes. Consult the government site of equipped stations and Mappy to calculate the price of a trip.
  • The cost of the motorway in a motorhome: the cost of the toll depends on the main road used and the distance traveled. It also varies depending on the category of your motorhome. If the height of your vehicle is between 2 and 3 meters and its PTAC (Total Authorized Loaded Weight) is less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes, it is part of category 2. If its height is equal to or greater than 3 meters and its PTAC is greater than 3.5 tonnes, it goes to category 3.
  • The cost of food and restaurants, depending on your preferences.
  • The cost of outings: guided tours, museums, activities, etc.
  • The cost of parking in motorhome areas: many are free and allow the filling of drinking water, the emptying of waste water and access to electricity. For paid areas, allow between 10 and 15 € for 24 hours.
  • Test the smart Park4Night app to geolocate free spots
  • Find your service area, campsite, parking lot, etc. with the CaraMaps app
  • The cost of overnight camping trips with your motorhome: the price of one night depends on the standing of the campsite and its location. Here are our favorites:
  • Huttopia for their campsites and holiday villages located in the heart of large and exceptional natural spaces.
  • HomeCamper for a stopover with locals in a park, garden or private land.

A stay in a motorhome is easy to budget. Our checklist and recommendations guide you in calculating your expenses according to the length of your stay, the number of kilometers you will travel and the motorhome or van you will rent from AVIS explore. Enjoy!

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What is the price for a motorhome rental for 1 week?

What is the price for a motorhome rental for 1 week?

Ready for a camping trip this year? Before hitting the road, let's assess the costs with AVIS explore to avoid any surprises.


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