Motorhome assistance service

Are you about to hit the road, but fear the technical hazards? We can't blame you: not all motorhome owners are mechanics, far from it! This is why we offer you a motorhome assistance service for technical problems that may be encountered along the way.

What is assistance insurance for your motorhome holiday?

AVIS explore and our assistance service come to lend you a hand in the event of a breakdown or serious malfunction of your motorhome.
During the opening hours of our agencies, you can contact AVIS explore on 01 47 49 80 40. Our teams will do their best to solve your problem from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

By subscribing to the “Assistance 24/7” option, you benefit from continuous assistance for your motorhome. In the event of a problem, a technician will attempt to resolve the fault remotely, based on your observations. All you have to do is answer their questions and follow their instructions to identify and solve the problem.
If necessary, your technician can make an appointment on your behalf with a specialized after-sales service.

Choosing motorhome assistance insurance

On the road, small hazards related to the condition of the vehicle can sometimes occur. Even if it does not seem to compromise its good working order, such an event may concern you. So much for dispelling any doubts straight away: give us a call! Once your worries are forgotten, you will resume the thread of your vacation in peace.

The motorhome assistance is useful if you plan to chain the kilometers and travel outside the usual hours. Early in the morning, in the evening or in the middle of the night, the AVIS Car-Away Assistance teams meet all your technical needs.

The “24/7 assistance” option is available until the day of your departure. You can subscribe to it when making your reservation, or give yourself more time to think. For €8 per rental day, motorhome assistance allows you to have professionals at your service at any time during your trip.

What support for motorhome assistance in the event of a breakdown?

Before each vehicle rental, we carry out all the necessary checks to ensure the proper functioning of your motorhome.
We systematically review:

  • The condition of license plates;
  • Fires ;
  • The dashboard lights;
  • The windshield and wiper blades;
  • The starter;
  • The brakes;
  • The exhaust;

We check the oil and brake fluid level. The pressure, wear and depth of the tires complete our assessment before giving you the keys.

Despite all our care, a vehicle is never safe from a breakdown... If necessary, the motorhome assistance service will put you in touch with the breakdown service adapted to your situation. Depending on availability, AVIS explore may provide you with another motorhome from its fleet to allow you to continue your journey.

For your AVIS explore motorhome rental, choose our assistance insurance to hit the road with complete peace of mind.