Keeping busy in bad weather when travelling by motorhome

Sometimes the weather can get really bad, even during your vacation. In this case, how can you keep yourself and your children occupied during a rainy holiday in your motorhome?

  • If you brought your tablet, computer, or smartphone, you can watch movies and series on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others, or videos on YouTube. You can also play the blind test, many videos exist on YouTube. If you don't want to use your mobile data during your streaming sessions, take advantage of our Wi-Fi option!
  • Make a travel diary: You can also take the opportunity to keep a travel diary, detailing your roadtrip, which you can reread years later to remember so many good memories!
  • You can also take advantage of this opportunity to write your postcards and give news to your family: if you haven't bought your postcards beforehand, you can use Fizzer to create your postcard online and send it by the mail!
  • To keep your children busy, you can get them to drawing: they can draw what they saw during their trip. It's a chance to remember the places and visits they've been to on their trip, while keeping memories for when they're older. You can even include your children's drawings in your travel journal!
  • Even if the weather is bad, that's no reason not to spend time with your family. Take the opportunity to play board games with your family such as Monopoly, Pay Day, Clue etc... You didn't bring any board games? No worries, all you need is a sheet of paper and a pencil to have fun playing some games such as the little ferry, Battleship, Hangman, Werewolf etc... You can also keep your children busy with their portable video game console, such as the Nintendo Switch, but in a reasonable way of course! 
  • Bad weather can also be an opportunity to get your children to read, and take time for yourself to read your own books. Find for that our reading list for your motorhome trip!​
  • If you are staying at a campsite, take advantage of the campsite's indoor facilities: indoor swimming pool, games rooms with table football, table tennis, etc...
  • Plan the future stages of your trip, your parking places (on this subject, find our article on Home Camper, the premium and secure alternative to the areas). You can also plan your future trips by motorhome, perhaps to a place where the bad weather will not be there!

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