Rent a van in Montpelier : tips and travel itineraries

Van Rental in Montpellier

The shores and beaches of the Mediterranean, the wild landscapes of the Camargue, the scrublands and vineyards of the hinterland... Renting a fitted van in Montpellier is the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of Languedoc in complete freedom. Specializing in van road trips since 1979, AVIS explore allows you to travel with top comfort and equipment.

Why choose Montpellier for your van road trip?

For any travel lover, Montpellier's location is just perfect. With your fitted van, many natural or architectural wonders will be easily accessible. To the east, the Camargue, Marseille, Provence. To the west, numerous sun-drenched seaside resorts: Palavas-les-flots, Frontignan, Sète, Agde... North of Montpellier and our fitted vehicle rental agency, a dive into the fauna and flora of Occitanie is promised: Haut-Languedoc Regional Natural Park, Cirque de Navacelles, Cévennes National Park, etc.

Our fitted vans in Montpellier: comfort and freedom on the road

To embark on an adventure around Montpellier aboard one of our fitted vans, nothing could be simpler. After booking your stay on our site using our reservation tool, head to our Montpellier van rental agency. Our team will hand over the keys to your vehicle, explain all the information you need... and you're off on an unforgettable journey, with family or friends.

Before escaping on the roads of Languedoc and Occitanie, choose the van that suits you best. For this, we first offer you our Hanroad trek 4-seater Combi Van Adventure. A fitted van easy to drive with its reduced dimensions (less than 5 meters long) and automatic gearbox. For your road trip vacations, our Montpellier agency also offers the 4-seater Pilote V600 Adventure Van with a pop-up roof. It includes an extra touch of comfort with its shower cabin and WC.

Exploring the Treasures of Languedoc in a Van

For an ideal stay on the roads of Languedoc in a fitted van, here is a suggested itinerary that concentrates the most beautiful of what the Montpellier region has to offer. We're sure you'll love it!

Day 1: start your road trip with a visit to Montpellier, the capital of Languedoc. Do not miss the famous Place de la Comédie and the Arc de Triomphe at the entrance to the old town.

Day 2: head to Aigues-Mortes, to admire the city walls and stroll along the ponds surrounding the city.

Day 3: about an hour's drive in your fitted van, discover the gorges of the Hérault. The perfect place for a hike as well as for a swim in crystal-clear waters.

Day 4: marvel at the Cirque de Navacelles, near Blandas. An ideal setting for another hike to discover the nature of Occitanie.

Day 5: get back on the road in your rental van and head to Pezenas. The charm of the south awaits you in its typical narrow streets where many shops offer you a glimpse of Occitanie's crafts.

Day 6: for your penultimate day of the road trip, discover one of the treasures of the southwest of France, the Canal du Midi.

Day 7: the last stop before returning to our Montpellier rental agency? Palavas-les-flots, for a well-deserved day of relaxation on the beach!


Are animals accepted?

Pets are allowed on board your AVIS explore rental van. Before your departure, a visit to the veterinarian is strongly recommended, especially for a long journey.

Can I pick up and return the van at Montpellier airport?

To pick up the keys to your rental van, visit our AVIS explore agency, located in Teyran, near Montpellier. It is only about twenty minutes from Montpellier airport.

manual is also provided.

What equipment is provided with the van?

For any fitted van rental in Montpellier, you benefit from numerous amenities: a refrigerator, cooking plates, crockery and kitchen utensils, a gas bottle, a leveling block, electrical outlets, an extension cord. To help you familiarize yourself with these amenities, a user manual is also provided.

What are the advantages of choosing a fitted van for a road trip?

With a road trip in a fitted van, every night you sleep in a new setting, unlike a stay in a hotel. Moreover, you can cook as you like, which saves you money. The main advantage, above all, is the unique proximity to nature and landscapes.

What are the rental conditions (minimum age, insurance, etc.)?

To book a fitted van rental in Montpellier, you must be over 23 years old and have held your class B driver's license for more than 3 years. Regarding insurance, vehicle insurance is included with every van rental. A proof of residence will also be required, as well as a deposit.