Turn your travel dreams into reality with AVIS explore's pre-owned offers.


You're decided and you want to buy a rolling home to satisfy all your desires for escape, so why not consider a used motorhome? Forget the prejudices about old rental vehicles, because at AVIS explore, these are meticulously maintained and put up for sale after only one or two seasons. Moreover, by choosing us, you benefit from a motorhome from the Pilote group, which is none other than one of the pioneers of French manufacturing! In this article, we address all your doubts to show you all the advantages of buying a used AVIS explore motorhome.

Why choose a used motorhome from AVIS explore?

The definite advantage of buying a used motorhome from AVIS explore is investing in quality and peace of mind, all while making significant savings.

Indeed, buying a second-hand vehicle from us does not mean compromising on comfort or safety. In direct partnership with the prestigious Pilote group, we offer you recent models of impeccable quality.

It's worth noting that all our used motorhomes are put up for sale after one or two seasons of use only and benefit from meticulous maintenance.

Get ready for an exceptional adventure on the roads, where comfort, safety, and savings go hand in hand.

Tips for choosing your ideal road companion

To choose the ideal used motorhome, it is crucial to consider essential criteria.

However, beyond the traditional advice in such situations, at AVIS explore, buying one of our second-hand vehicles brings many advantages.

It should be noted that going through a reputable and reliable manufacturer like the Pilote group is a guarantee of superior quality.

Our used motorhomes stand out for their:

  • low mileage;
  • almost new condition (put up for sale after one or two seasons of use);
  • meticulous maintenance by our teams before being put up for sale.

During your selection, you can fully enjoy all these exceptional features for an economical and qualitative purchase.

All that remains is to check the included equipment, such as heating systems, air conditioning, solar panels, and much more. Elements that improve both your comfort and autonomy in the great outdoors!

Finally, don't hesitate to get behind the wheel of the vehicle to evaluate its driving and handling, essential for unequalled road trip experiences.

Prepare your adventure with a used motorhome or van

At AVIS explore, embark on your adventure with a light heart thanks to high-quality second-hand vehicles.

With almost new condition and low mileage, you will be driving a recent model with beautiful, modern, and comfortable living spaces.

So, enjoy a meticulously inspected used motorhome, ensuring your safety throughout your journey on the road.

Freedom at a small price: AVIS explore's used offer

You've understood, buying a used AVIS explore motorhome is a guarantee of unparalleled reliability.

Compared to private offers, you benefit from numerous advantages such as:

  • a selection of vehicles directly from the Pilote group, for a transparent history and impeccable manufacturing quality;
  • almost new models with low mileage;
  • no intermediaries to say goodbye to extra costs and benefit from an unbeatable value for money;
  • carefully maintained motorhomes for a worry-free adventure.

By opting for a used vehicle from AVIS explore, make your wildest adventure dreams come true without compromising your budget. With vehicles directly from the Pilote group, you benefit from freedom at a small price to explore the world at your own pace.


Is buying a used vehicle from AVIS explore safe?

Thanks to the superior quality and meticulous follow-up of each of our models, buying a used motorhome from AVIS explore ensures safety and savings!

What are the advantages of buying a used vehicle directly from AVIS explore?

From the prestigious Pilote group, all our used motorhomes have low mileage and are sold after one to two seasons of use. You therefore benefit from a recent, modern, and high-quality model!

How does AVIS explore ensure the quality of its used vehicles?

Before the sale of each of our vehicles, they undergo meticulous checks, meeting very strict criteria, for unparalleled peace of mind.

What Are the Steps to Acquire a Used Vehicle from AVIS explore?

To find the used vehicle of your dreams, don't hesitate to check out our offers on or on our Le Bon Coin page.